Character Weapon Ability

In Ultima Online each Character can perform with the use of their Mana Weapon Ability! Inside the Character Paperdoll, by Double Left Click on Purple Blade Book, you can find a list of all Weapon Ability available! Each Weapon have a Primary Ability and a Secondary Ability. It exist 29 different Weapon Abilities! It require the combination of 2 Skills to perform them, Weapon Skill and Tactics. It require Mana to perform them but with the combination of Archery, Bushido, Fencing, Lumberjacking, Mace Fighting, Ninjitsu, Parrying, Poisoning, Stealth and Swordsmanship and the Character Mods Lower Mana Cost, it can lower your Mana Cost!


To use a Weapon Ability, it require the combination of 2 Skills, the Weapon Skill type of the Weapon and Tactics, but it exist several Weapon Ability that require Bushido or Ninjitsu. Each Weapon Ability need Mana!

- Primary Ability, it need 70 Weapon Skill and 70 Tactics
- Secondary Ability, it need 90 Weapon Skill and 90 Tactics
- Minimum Required Mana

- For several Samurai Empire Weapons, it need 50 Bushido or Ninjitsu

* Note: It only work with Real Skill, using Items like Ring, Bracelet or Artifact who raise your Weapon Skill or Tactics will not work!

Mana Cost

Each Weapon Ability have a Requirement Mana Cost, but with the combination of Archery, Bushido, Fencing, Lumberjacking, Mace Fighting, Ninjitsu, Parrying, Poisoning, Stealth and Swordsmanship.

- If the total is between 200 and 299, remove 5 Requirement Mana Cost.
- If the total is more then 300, remove 10 Requirement Mana Cost.

With the Character Mods Lower Mana Cost, it can lower even more your Requirement Mana Cost!

If a Weapon Ability is used within 3 Seconds after another Weapon Ability, the Requirement Mana Cost will Double!

Character with the Race Human have the Racial Bonus of Jack of all Trade (JOAT) that make them having 20 in each Skills, by default a Human have already 200 Combination Skill Points, it make them benefit Requirement Mana Cost reduction of 5!

Weapon Ability

Weapon AbilityManaPrimarySecondaryDescription
Armor Ignore
30 Ignores the Target's Resists but deals slightly lower damage than the weapon's maximum potential.
Armor Pierce
30 Strike your opponent with great force, partially bypassing their armor and inflicting greater damage. Requires either Bushido or Ninjitsu skill, depending on the weapon.
15 - The warrior becomes one with their weapon, allowing it to guide their hand. The effects of this attack are unpredictable, but effective.
Bleed Attack
30 Causes the target to bleed profusely, causing Direct Damage several times over the next few seconds. The amount of Damage dealt decreases each time.
30 Increases your defense chance for a short time and reduces the next incoming damage while applying a temporary hit chance penalty. (Damage reduction scales with parry skill. Increase damage reduction with 2 handed weapon or shield.) Require Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Crushing Blow
25 Does a substantial extra amount of damage directly to the Target.
Concussion Blow
25 Does Direct Damage to the Target based on the difference between their current Hit Points and Mana. The greater the difference, the more Damage they receive.
Defense Mastery
30 Increases your physical resistance while reducing your ability to inflict damage. (Resistance Increase scales with Parry and Bushido or Ninjitsu skill, dependent on the weapon.) Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
20 Disarms Target and prevents them from rearming any weapon for a short duration.
30 Dislodges Target from their Mount and deals a moderate amount of Direct damage to them.
Double Shot
30 - Send two arrows flying at your opponent if you're mounted. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Double Strike
30 The next Target the user strikes will be hit by the weapon twice.
Dual Wield
30 - A successful attack gives you the chance to perform extra attacks at reduced damage for a short duration. This effect can be stacked up 2 additional times increasing the chance to do an extra attack and extending the duration for an additional 2 seconds. (Duration increases with high ninjitsu skill.) Requires: Ninjitsu
30 Gain a defensive advantage over your primary opponent for a short time. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Force Arrow
20 - The archer focuses their will into an arrow of pure force, dealing additional damage and dazing their enemy. Dazed enemies are temporarily easier to hit, and sometimes forget who they are attacking. This attack will interrupt the target's spell casting even if they are under the effect of the protection spell.
Force of Nature
35 - Enfuses the attacker with Nature's Fury, granting them unparalleled strength. This dangerous channeling causes leafy vines to violently erupt from beneath the attacker's skin, dealing substantial physical and poison damage to them.
Frenzied Whirlwind
30 A quick attack to all enemies in range of your weapon that causes damage over time. Requires Bushido or Ninjitsu skill.
Infectious Strike
15 Attempts to apply a poisoned weapon's poison to the Target. The higher the Poisoning skill of the user, the higher the chance the strength of the applied Poison will be increased by one.
Lightning Arrow
20 - A charged arrow that arcs lightning into its target's allies.
Mortal Strike
30 - Prevents the Target from being healed by any means for a few Seconds. This effect does not stop a Target from regenerating hit points.
Moving Shot
15 Allows archer to fire an arrow or bolt while moving. Or allows bladeweaver to throw his/her throwing weapon while moving. Normally an Archer or a Bladeweaver must be Stationary to attack a Target.
Nerve Strike
30 - Does damage and paralyzes your opponent for a short time. Require Bushido skill.
Paralyzing Blow


Book of Magery

Paralyzes the target for a few seconds.
Psychic Attack
25 Temporarily enchants the attacker's weapon with deadly psychic energy, allowing it to damage the defender's mind and their ability to inflict damage with magic and use mana efficiently.
Riding Swipe
25 - If you are on foot, dismounts your opponent and damages the ethereal's rider or the live mount (which much be healed before ridden again). If you are mounted, damage and stuns the mounted opponent. Requires Bushido skill.
Serpent Arrow
25 - Fires a snake at the target, poisoning them in addition to normal damage with a successful hit. The archer must be skilled in poisoning and nimble of hand to archive success.
Shadow Strike
20 This attack does moderate extra Damage to the Target and immediately hides the user. In order to attempt a Shadowstrike you must have a high amount of the Stealth skill.
Talon Strike
20 - Attack with increased damage with additional damage over time. Requires Ninjitsu skill.
Whirlwind Attack
15 Attack all valid Targets within a one tile radius of the attacker.