Character Skill Tailoring

Tailoring is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the art of Crafting/Working cloth and leather! Enhance leather/bone items with colored leather and Repairing cloth/leather items! It's very useful to create his proper Armors, Cloth and Quiver!

Tailoring work with Cloth, Leather and Bone, There's 4 kinds of Leathers!

In order to use Tailoring, you need to use the tool: Sewing Kit and either some Cloths or Leathers.

When you have the required items, Double Left Click on a Tailoring Tool and the Tailoring Gump Menu will open.

NPC Tailor can give job to Player that have at least 0.1 in Tailoring. That job is represented by an item named Tailoring Bulk Order Deed (green scroll). Tailoring BODs are given depending on the Skill Tailoring, between 0.1 and 50.0 you can receive a BOD each 1 hour, between 50.1 and 70 every 2 hours and between 70.1 and 120 every 6 hours. The higher your Skill Tailoring the more chance you have to receive a colored BOD. Tailoring BOD can have any Leather Color and can be either in Small or Large type.

Tailoring Tips

There's Bulk Order Deed in Tailoring!

There's Power Scroll 105, 110, 115 and 120 to raise your Tailoring!

There's 3 kind of Runic Sewing Kits that can add additional Mods on your Crafted Armor.

There's Talisman with Tailoring Exceptional Bonus and Tailoring Bonus at maximum 30% to help raise your chance of success.

There's 4 kind of Leathers that can give a Default Bonus on your Crafted Armor.

There's 5 kind of Recipes to Craft Quiver.

There's 3 kind of Craftable Artifact Armor.

There's 4 items that can be enhance with Arcane Gem to become Arcane Clothing: Robes, Cloaks, Leather Gloves and Thigh Boots.


In order to Craft any Armor or Cloth!
- You need one of the Tailoring Tool in your Character Backpack: Sewing Kit.

- You need some Resource Material: Cloths, Leathers or Bones.

When you have all the requirement, Double Left Click on the Tailoring Tool and the Tailoring Gump Menu will open!

In the Tailoring Gump Menu, you can find Categories, Materials..

By clicking on the Button on the Right of any Tailoring Item, you can see the Detail of that Item:
- Success Chance: ##.#%
- Exceptional Chance: ##.#%
- Skills - Tailoring (Minimum Required Skill) ##.#
- Materials - Cloths, Leathers or Bones #
- Others - (There's many message available) This item may hold its maker's mark, This item retains the color of this material, You have not learned this recipe.

Using a Talisman of Tailoring Exceptional Bonus and/or Tailoring Bonus can raise your chance to craft an items.


There's 4 kind of Leathers you can find with by skinning the dead corpse of certain Creature! Plain Leather can be purchase at any NPC Furtrader at 3 Golds each.
Leather (Plain) =
Spined = Lizardman...
Horned = Drake, Wyvern...
Barbed = Dragon...

There's 2 kind of Gems you can use to craft special items with Recipe! 6 of those Gems can be find with the Skill Mining, 1 Gems with the Skill Fishing and 1 Gems with the Skill Lumberjacking.
- Blue Diamond = Mining
- Brilliant Amber = Lumberjacking
- Dark Sapphire = Mining
- Ecru Citrine = Mining
- Fire Ruby = Mining
- Perfect Emerald = Mining
- Turquoise = Mining
- White Pearl = Fishing


It's useful to recycle your Crafted Item or even those you Loot from Monsters!

In order to Recycle Item:
- You need one pair of Scissor in your Character Backpack.

When you have all the requirement, Double Left Click on the Scissor Tool and Target any Cloth or Leather item!

Bones Piles can be cut into Bones!
Cannot cut Bones Armors!


It's useful to add certain Bonus on your Armor! Depending on the Colored Leather Type, you will get different Bonus.
In order to Enhance Item:
- You need to have the tool Tailoring Tool in your Character Backpack.

- You need some Colored Leathers.

When you have all the requirement, Double Left Click on the Tailoring Tool and the Tailoring Gump Menu will open!

In the Tailoring Gump Menu, you can find the Material Type Button in the Left Bottom Corner, Single Left Click on it and you will be able to Select your Material Type you wanna Enhance. When you select your Material Type, you can find the Enhance Item Button in the Right Bottom Corner (Third Button, under Repair Item). Single Left Click on it and Target an Item to Enhance with your Selected Material Type!

Base Chance = 20% for Armor
If Tailoring is Greater then or equal 100
Base Chance -= (Tailoring - 90) / 10

When Enhancing, there's a roll on each Mods that will be modified, if you miss in anyone of those Mods, your Item will either Fail or Break. Fail mean you just have miss your chance. Break mean your item is destroy, is gone!

Mods that can be Enhance:
- Physical Resist | BaseChance = BaseChance + Physical Resist of Original Item
- Fire Resist | BaseChance = BaseChance + Fire Resist of Original Item
- Cold Resist | BaseChance = BaseChance + Cold Resist of Original Item
- Poison Resist | BaseChance = BaseChance + Poison Resist of Original Item
- Energy Resist | BaseChance = BaseChance + Energy Resist of Original Item
- Durability | BaseChance = BaseChance + (Durability of Original Item / 40)
- Luck | BaseChance = BaseChance + 10 + (Luck of Original Item / 2)
- Lower Requirement | BaseChance = BaseChance + (Lower Requirement of Original Item / 4)
- Damage Increase | BaseChance = BaseChance + (Damage Increase of Original Item / 4)


It's useful to repair your Crafted Item, Looted Item or Artifact to raise back your Durability to the maximum it can hold!

In order to Repair Item:
- You need to have the tool Tailoring Tool in your Character Backpack.

- You need the item you wanna Repair in your Character Backpack.

When you have all the requirement, Double Left Click on the Tailoring Tool and the Tailoring Gump Menu will open!

In the Tailoring Gump Menu, you can find Repair Item Button in the Right Bottom Corner, Single Left Click on it and a Target Cursor will appear. If you target your item you wanna Repair in your Backpack, it will try to Repair it!

RepairDifficulty = ((((MaxDura - CurrentDura) * 1250) / Math.Max(MaxDura, 1)) - 250) * 0.1
MinSkill = RepairDifficulty - 25
MaxSkill = RepairDifficulty + 25
If Tailoring < MinSkill
Too Difficult (You cannot Repair your Item)
If Tailoring >= MaxSkill
No Challenge (100% Chance to Repair!)

Chance = (Tailoring - MinSkill) / (MaxSkill - MinSkill)

If when you have your Target Repair Cursor and you Target a Blank Scroll, it will create a Repair Deed Contract from your Character with the Tailoring Level you are at!

Tailoring Repair Deed Contract can only be use in NPC Tailor Shop!

Runic Sewing Kits

There's 3 Runic Sewing Kits for Tailoring that can be receive as a Reward from Tailoring Bulk Order Deed!

When Crafting an Item with Runic Sewing Kits, you can add additional Mods on them.

- Physical Resist to 15
- Fire Resist to 15
- Cold Resist to 15
- Poison Resist to 15
- Energy Resist to 15
- Mana Regeneration to 2
- Hit Point Renegeration to 2
- Stamina Renegeration to 3
- Mana Increase to 8
- Hit Point Increase to 5
- Stamina Increase to 8
- Lower Reagent Cost to 20
- Lower Mana Cost to 8
- Luck
- Self Repair to 5
- Night Sight
... (need to check all the available list) ...

Tailoring Craftable Item

There's in the Tailoring Menu 9 Categories of Items to Craft!


- Skullcap
- Bandana
- Floppy Hat
- Cap
- Wide-brim Hat
- Straw Hat
- Tall Straw Hat
- Wizard's Hat
- Bonnet
- Feathered Hat
- Tricorne Hat
- Jester Hat
- Flower Garland
- Cloth Ninja Hood
- Kasa


- Doublet
- Shirt
- Fancy Shirt
- Tunic
- Surcoat
- Plain Dress
- Fancy Dress
- Cloak
- Robe
- Jester Suit
- Fur Cape
- Gilded Dress
- Formal Shirt
- Cloth Ninja Jacket
- Kamishimo
- Hakama-shita
- Male Kimono
- Female Kimono
- Jin-baori
- Elven Shirt
- Elven Shirt
- Elven Robe
- Female Elven Robe


- Short Pants
- Long Pants
- Kilt
- Skirt
- Fur Sarong
- Hakama
- Tattsuke-hakama
- Elven Pants
- Woodland Belt


- Body Sash
- Half Apron
- Full Apron
- Obi
- Elven Quiver
- Quiver of Fire
- Quiver of Ice
- Quiver of Blight
- Quiver of Lightning
- Leather Container Engraving Tool
- Oil Cloth
- Goza (East)
- Goza (South)
- Square Goza (East)
- Square Goza (South)
- Brocade Goza (East)
- Brocade Goza (South)
- Square Brocade Goza (East)
- Square Brocade Goza (South)


- Elven Boots
- Fur Boots
- Ninja Tabi
- Waraji and Tabi
- Sandals
- Shoes
- Boots
- Thigh Boots

Leather Armor

- Spell Woven Britches
- Spell Woven Mantle
- Stitcher's Mittens
- Leather Gorget
- Leather Cap
- Leather Gloves
- Leather Sleeves
- Leather Leggings
- Leather Tunic
- Leather Jingasa
- Leather Mempo
- Leather Do
- Leather Hiro Sode
- Leather Suneate
- Leather Haidate
- Leather Ninja Pants
- Leather Ninja Jacket
- Leather Ninja Belt
- Leather Ninja Mitts
- Leather Ninja Hood
- Leaf Tunic
- Leaf Arms
- Leaf Gloves
- Leaf Leggings
- Leaf Gorget
- Leaf Tonlet

Studded Armor

- Studded Gorget
- Studded Gloves
- Studded Sleeves
- Studded Leggings
- Studded Tunic
- Studded Mempo
- Studded Do
- Studded Hiro Sode
- Studded Suneate
- Studded Haidate
- Hide Tunic
- Hide Pauldrons
- Hide Gloves
- Hide Pants
- Hide Gorget

Female Armor

- Leather Shorts
- Leather Skirt
- Leather Bustier
- Studded Bustier
- Female Leather Armor
- Studded Armor

Bone Armor

- Bone Helmet
- Bone Gloves
- Bone Arms
- Bone Leggings
- Bone Armor
- Orc Helm

Training Tailoring

0 - 30: Train your Tailoring Skill at ?? with the NPC ??! (?? Golds)
30 - 50 = Fancy Shirt (8 Cloths)
50 - 60 = Fur Boots (12 Cloths)
65 - 72 = Kasa (10 Cloths)
72 - 78 = Ninja Tabi (10 Cloths)
74.6 - 99.6 = Oil Cloth (1 Cloths)
99.6 - 105 = Elven Shirt (10 Cloths)
105 - 110 = Studded Hiro Sode (8 Leathers)
110 - 120 - Studded Do (14 Leathers)