Character Skill Lockpicking

Lockpicking is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

Its the art of unlocking locked chest! Like Paragon Chest, Treasury Chest and Dungeon Chest, Crate or Barrel.

In order to use Lockpicking you need to be at least 1 Tile of any locked chest or inside your Character Backpack and to use the tool: Lockpick.

When successfully unlock a chest, there will be a Magic Trap. We can either use the Magery Spell Telekinesis with at least 2 tiles away of the chest, use the Skill Remove Trap to remove the Magic Trap but it need to have at least 50 in Lockpicking and Detect Hidden or Double Left Click to open the chest and get the Magic Trap Damage.

When failed to unlock, there's 25% chance to break the lockpick!

Obtain Lockpick

There several way to obtain Lockpick:

- Lockpick can be made with the Skill Tinkering, it need at least 45 Tinkering and 1 Iron Ingot.
- Lockpick can be purchase from NPC: Provisioner, Tinker or Thief.
- Lockpick can be found in the corps loot of: Orc Captain with 14.29%, Orcish Lord with 20%.

Train Lockpicking

To train Lockpicking, it need to have locked boxes made by the Skill Tinkering, but there's 3 locked chest needed with 3 different skill range of Tinkering 50 - 70 and 100. When the chest is unlocked, we need to lock it again and try to unlock, over and over.

0 - 30 = Train from NPC
30 - 50 = Pick locked boxes made by 50 skill Tinkering
50 - 70 = Pick locked boxes made by 70 skill Tinkering
70 - 95 = Pick locked boxes made by 100 skill Tinkering
95 - 100 = Pick level 4 treasure chests in dungeons or do level 4 Treasure Maps.
Note: 95 to 100, can use the Satyr Trick at Twisted Weald and continue to pick locked boxes made by 100 skill Tinkering!