Location Map Tokuno

In Ultima Online the Map Tokuno where the Ninja and Samurai have raise, Lesser Treasury of Tokuno, Greater Treasury of Tokuno, 1 Champion Spawn Altar and 1 Peerless Boss!

In Tokuno there's City, Dungeons, Forests, Oceans, Deserts, Swamps and Players Houses all around the Map!

Note: Tokuno is a Map with the Rules of NO PvP! Player will not be able to attack each other, except if they are in the same Guild or in a Guild War!

Tokuno is considered as a Peaceful Map! Players who like to PvM, Role-Playing and other thing without the fear of being attacked by other murderer!

Tokuno have a Special Reward Artifact System (only when Active) to receive Lesser Treasury of Tokuno by killing any Animals/Monsters that have Fame higher then 0. (Only a Crane have under 0 Fame). It's an accumulated system reward point! When you receive an Lesser Treasury of Tokuno Artifact those Point Restart to 0, there's no lost of Point by Time or Dying!


Tokuno City

There's 1 City in the Map Tokuno that can be visited by any Character!

- Zento

Tokuno Dungeons

There's 3 Dungeons in the Map Tokuno that can be visited by any Character!

- Fan Dancer Dojo
- The Citadel
- Yomotsu Mines

Tokuno Champion Spawn Altar

There's 1 Champions Spawn Altar in the Map Malas that can be visited by any Character!

Note: No Power Scroll and Champion Skulls are given when completing any Champion Spawn Altars, but can win any Champion Artifact and Scrolls of Transcendence between 0.1 to 0.5!

- Sleeping Dragon Spawn (Serado the Awakened) in the South of the Fan Dancer Dojo or Northwest of Mount Sho

Tokuno Public Moongates

There's 3 Public Moongates in the Map Tokuno that can be used by any Character!
- Isamu-Jima
- Makoto-Jima
- Homare-Jima