Character Basic Alive & Dead

In Ultima Online you can be either Alive or Dead!!! When you are Alive you will be able to perform everything you would like to do, but if you are Dead, your screen will be Black and White and you are only able to walk around or enter in gate.

How to Resurrect

When you are Dead you have to Resurrect yourself! You will have to be in War Mode for others to see you! (Player with the Skill Necromancy will always see Dead Character)

You can enter in War Mode by:
Keyboard (ALT + C)
Character Paperdoll Single Left Click on Peace Button

There's several possibility you can use to Resurrect!

By another Player: Magery Resurrection Spell, Chivalry Noble Sacrifice, Spellweaving Gift of Life Spell if under buff effect or Healing Skill with Bandage
By another NPC Healer: Walk close to the NPC Healer
By a Virtue Shrine: Walk next to the Virtue Shrine
By House Add On An Ankh Of Sacrifice: Walk close to the An Ankh Of Sacrifice
By the Virtue Sacrifice: If you have archived at least the Seeker Level you can Auto Self Resurrect

When Reviving you will have 1 Hit Point, 1 Stamina and 1 Mana and you will lose your Fame.
Formula of Losing Fame:
Amount = Your Current Fame / 10
Fame -= Amount

If another Player Resurrect you and have archived in the Virtue Compassion a Level, he will give you more then 1 Hit Point:
- the Seeker Level will give 20% Hit Point
- the Follower Level will give you 40% Hit Point
- the Knight Level will give you 80% Hit Point

Bonded Pet Resurrect

If your Pet die and it's Bonded, he will become a Ghost and you can Resurrect:
By Bandage with the Veterinary Skill (80 Require)
By Spellweaving Gift of Life Spell if your Pet have the Buff Gift of Life, when he die it will pop the Resurrect Menu