Location Map

Ultima Online is a huge virtual world divided between different Map! In those Map, we can find many Cities, Shops, Dungeons, Forests, Mountains, Oceans, Deserts, Cemeteries, Champions Altar, Treasury Maps, SOS Bottles, Players Houses and Specials Locations! Various NPC's, Quest Giver, Animals, Monsters and Bosses can spawn all around each Map!

In any Map, we can find Resources that can be gathered with specific Character Skill and Item Tools like: Ores, Boards, Gems, Fish, Cottons, Reagents and Stealable Artifacts.

In several Map, we can find Players Houses. Except in the Map Ilshenar we cannot place any House! Each Player Account can have 1 House.


There's 5 main Maps:
- Trammel
- Felucca
- Ilshenar
- Malas
- Tokuno