Item Armor Carpentry

In Ultima Online, any Character with the use of the Skill Carpentry can create Armor!

It exist 1 kind of Carpentry Armor, the Woodland Armor, it's an Armor with 5 pieces who only missing the Head Armor Slots!

Carpentry Armor are not Medable and can be only wear by the Character Race Elf! It need to have the Item Mods - Mage Armor in order to be considered as a Medable Armor!

The Character Skill Lumberjacking offer to Chop Tree's, that can become into Boards! Each Boards have it's own Mods on them!

Carpentry have it's own Runic Dovetail Saw! Using Runic Dovetail Saw can Craft Armor with additional Item Mods on it!

Using Talisman with Carpentry Exceptional +##% and Carpentry +##% can help your Chance to Successfully Craft Armor!

Carpentry Armors

Sets Physical Resist
Fire Resist
Cold Resist
Poison Resist
Energy Resist
Total Resist Medable Elf Only
Woodland 5 3 2 3 2 15 No Yes