Character Skill Stealth

Stealth is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the art of Shadow Movement! It allow to move around while staying hidden! Require to have at least 50 in Skill Hiding! At 80 Stealth it unlock the Weapon Ability Shadow Strike! It count to lower the Mana Cost of performing Weapon Ability Special Moves.

The Movement Speed is only the Walking Speed, Running Speed will make the Character turn out of Stealth/Hidden!

In order to use the Skill Stealth, it require:
- At least 50 Skill Hiding
- Be in Hidden Mode (Skill Hiding, Magery Spell Invisibility, Smoke Bomb, Potion Invisibility, etc..)
- Not Mounted
- Depending on the Skill Stealth the Total Armor Wearing to move quiet!

When all the requirement is met, become in Hidden Mode and attempt to move 1 step!

According to the Armor Wearing and the number of Skill Stealth, the Character can move a certain number of steps before another skill check!

System Message:
Not in Hidden Mode: "You must hide first."
Under 50 Skill Hiding: "You are not hidden well enough. Become better at hiding."
Armor Rating to High: "You could not hope to move quietly wearing this much armor."

Armor Rating

Armor TypeGorgetGlovesHelmetArmsLegsChestShield
Cloth / Leather / Spined / Horned / Barbed0000000
Note: Non-Medable Armor with the Item Mods Mage Armor will remove any Armor Rating!

Stealth Chance

The Chance to stay in Stealth mode is based on:
- Skill Stealth
- Total Armor Rating
- Number of Step

ArmorRating = "Get your Total Armor Wearing"
If(ArmorRating > 42)
- System Message: "You could not hope to move quietly wearing this much armor."
- Reveal your Character

ElseIf(CheckSkill(Stealth, -20 + (ArmorRating * 2), 60 + (ArmorRating * 2)))
   CheckSkill =
   If(Stealth < (-20 + (ArmorRating * 2)))
   //Too difficult
   ElseIf(Stealth >= (60 + (ArmorRating * 2)))
   //No challenge
   Chance = (Stealth - (-20 + (ArmorRating * 2))) / ((60 + (ArmorRating * 2)) - (-20 + (ArmorRating * 2)))
   Success Chance = (Chance >= Random(0,100))

Steps = Stealth / 5
If(Steps < 1)
Steps = 1

- System Message: "You fail in your attempt to move unnoticed."

When the calculated number of "Step" is reach, another Stealth Skill Check will be done to remain in Stealth Mode!

There's a Cooldown Delay of 10 seconds when failing Stealth before been able to go into Hidden Mode!

StealthArmor RatingChanceStep
6015 (Glad + AoF)62%12
6025 (HotL)37%12
8015 (Glad + AoF)87%16
8025 (HotL)62%16
9015 (Glad + AoF)100%18
9025 (HotL)75%18
10020 (Glad + HotL)100%20
10025 (HotL)87%20
10525 (HotL)93%21
11025 (HotL)100%22
12030 (Glad + HotL)100%24
12042 (Studded Gorget + Platemail Legs & Breastplate)70%24
* All Medable Armor only require 60 in Stealth to have 100%!
* Armor Rating of 20 with 100 Stealth give 100%!
* Armor Rating of 30 with 120 Stealth give 100%!

Training Stealth

To Train Stealth it need a Hidden Method! The easier is to use the Skill Hiding!

0 - 40 = Train your Stealth Skill at New Haven with the NPC Jun the Stealth Instructor! (400 Golds) And take he's Quest for a Acceleration until 50 Stealth ! (Reward: Twilight Jacket)
40 - 60 = Without Armor, Hide and Walk Around and Repeat!
60 - 90 = With Platemail Gorget and Studded Armor, Hide and Walk Around and Repeat!
90 - 120 = With Platemail Gorget and Platemail Breastplate, Hide and Walk Around and Repeat!

Other Hidden Method
Public Moongate: Instead of waiting on the Cooldown Delay of 10 seconds, travelling with the Public Moongate will make the Character go into Hidden Mode!

House: Using Hiding in your own House or Co-Owner House will make the Character go into Hidden Mode! No need any point in Hiding Skill!