Character Basic Creation

To play UODemise, it need an Ultima Online game installed and an Assist Program like UOSteam or UORazor!

Ultima Online Client Version Patch at least to 7.0.?? (need a confirmation)

When you Double Left Click on the Assist Program installed, make sure that the Shard list drop down menu is selected to UOGamers: Demise (ML) and then Single Left Click on Start! The Ultima Online Client will start opening and the Assist Program will open too!

When the Ultima Online Client have finish to open, it will show the Login Page! Enter your Login Information or Create your Account! Accounts are automatically created when they are first logged in. Simply log in with the username and password you desire.

When Entering into your Account or New Account, it will show the Shard List Page! Single Left Click on Demise - AOS!

When Entering into the Selected Shard, it will show the Character Selection Page! However, if you are a new Player into UODemise, you will not be able to select any Character, it will instead offer you to create your first Character!

When Entering into the Character Selection Page, Single Left Click on New to start Character Creation!

When Entering into the Character Creation Page, it will show the Choose a Trade for Your Character Page! From there, the game offer 7 different preset Skills Combination (Template) as a Role or the Advanced option!

- Samauri (Anatomy 30, Bushido 50, Healing 30 and Swordsmanship 50)
- Ninja (Hiding 50, Fencing 30, Ninjitsu 50 and Stealth 30)
- Paladin (Chivalry 50, Focus 30, Swordsmanship 50 and Tactics 30)
- Necromancer (Focus 30, Necromancy 50, Spirit Speak 30, Swordsmanship 30 and Tactics 20)
- Warrior (Anatomy 30, Healing 45, Swordsmanship 35 and Tactics 50)
- Mage (Evaluating Intelligence 30, Magery 50, Meditation 50 and Wreatling 30)
- Blacksmith (Arms Lore 30, Blacksmithy 50, Mining 30 and Tinkering 50)

- Advanced (Choose yourself your Stats and Skills)
The Advanced option let you chooses by yourself how you wanna distribute your point in Stats and Skills!

It offer to select the Character Stats: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence between 10 to 60 for a total of 80 starting Stats and to select the Character Skills: All Skills except Spellweaving. Can choose 3 different Skill up to 50!

After the Stats and Skills selection, it will show the Character Name Page!

When Entering into the Character Name Page, it will show to Choose your new Character:
- Name
- Race
- Sex
- Hair Style
- Facial Hair Style
- Skin Tone
- Shirt Color
- Pants Color
- Hair Color
- Facial Hair Color
Depending on your Choose of Race and Sex, some option will be remove!

The Name, Character Name is between 2 to 16 characters! Name are not unique, other Player can choose the same name!

The Race, there's 2 Race available: Human or Elf! Both have their own Racial Ability!

The Sex, there's: Male or Female! The only difference between the 2 Sex is that Female can wear any Human equipment while Male cannot wear Female equipment!

The Hair Style, Human have their own hair style and Elf have their too! Male and Female have some different hair style to choose!

The Facile Hair Style, only Human Male can have this option!

The Skin Tone, Human have their own skin tone and Elf have their too! Male and Female have no difference!

The Shirt & Pants Color, many color to choose from! No different between Race and Sex!

The Hair & Facial Hair Color, Human have their own color and Elf have their too! Male and Female have no difference!

When everything seem the way you like it! Single Left Click on the Right Green Arrow (Bottom Right Corner) to Confirm your selection!

Every new Character will be born at the city New Haven in Trammel Facet!

Have Fun!