Join UODemise

To join UODemise, it need an Ultima Online game installed and an Assist Programs like UOSteam or UORazor!

Downloading Ultima Online

Download Link:


Download Link:
Note: UOSteam requires the Visual C++ runtime.


Download Link:
Note: Razor requires the .NET framework to be installed.

Connecting to UODemise

Launch UOSteam or Razor and select "UOGamers:Demise" on the shard list drop down menu. Click OK to launch the UO Client.

Accounts are automatically created when they are first logged in. If you do not have an account yet, simply log in with the username and password you desire. You can then continue to create your character. You are allowed 4 accounts and 7 characters per account. When entering the game, you will be prompted to register your account to an email address. This is used in case you ever forget your password. It is recommended to register right away.

If you are issued an "Invalid password" error message when trying to create your account, that account name is already taken. If you are issued a "Problem communicating with Origin" error message, your IP address has already created 4 accounts.

We hope you enjoy your stay on UOGamers: Demise!

Login server address for advanced users: (port 2593)