Character Stat Strength

The Strength is one of the character stats that determine the force and life of the character.

You can find the number of Strenght you have in your Character Status.

The total amount of Strength apply on:
- Hit Points
- Melee Damage
- Carrying Capacity
- Wear Equipments

Hit Points

The Hit Points is your Life, at 0 Hit Points, you gonna die. When you are dead, you must resurrect yourself by either by going to visit a Healer NPC, being beside an Ankh or ask another Player.

Hit Points = (Strength / 2 + 50 HP)

Carrying Capacity

The Carrying Capacity is your Storage in your Backpack. More Strenght more you can carry into your Backpack. Each Strenght give 3.5 stones.

Human Character have an avantage with the Strong Back racial ability of +60 stones of carrying.

Carrying Capacity = 40 + (3.5 * Strength) if human +60

Strength Bonus

Certain Items can raise your Character Stat Strength. Normally the Mod Strength Bonus can only be found on Ring or Bracelet between 1 to 8.

Strength Bonus Items

It exist different kind of Items that would not normally have the Mod Strength Bonus:

ItemStrength BonusPaperdoll SlotObtain
Ancient Farmer's Kasa5HeadLToT
Arms of Armstrong3ArmsNew Player Quests - The Art of War
Bone Crusher10War Mace
(1 Hand)
Doom Artifact
Flesh Ripper5Assassin Spike
(1 Hand)
ML Artifact
Folded Steel Reading Glasses8HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Gauntlets of Nobility8HandsDoom Artifact
Geoffrey's Axe10Executioner's Axe
(2 Hands)
Community Collection - Vesper Museum
Juggernaut Set
(2 Pieces)
10Viking Sword
(1 Hand) & Metal Kite Shield
Set Item - ML
Library Talisman - A Primer on Arms Damage Removal1TalismanCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Luna Lance5Lance
(1 Hand)
Minor Artifact
Ironwood Crown5HeadCraftable Artifact
Light of Way Reading Glasses7HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Mace and Shield Reading Glasses10HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Monstrous Interred Grizzle Armor Set
(5 Pieces)
12Head, Hands, Arms, Chest and LegsSet Item - ML
Myrmidon Armor Set
(6 Pieces)
6Head, Neck, Hands, Arms, Chest and LegsSet Item - ML
Orcish Visage10HeadMinor Artifact
Reading Glasses of the Trades10HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Spirit of the Totem20HeadDoom Artifact
Titan's Hammer15War Hammer
(2 Hands)
Doom Stealable Artifact
Voice of the Fallen King8NeckDoom Artifact
Darkwood Armor Set
(6 Pieces)
10Head, Neck, Hands, Arms, Chest and LegsCraftable Artifact - Set Item - ML