Item - Resource - Peerless Ingredient

With the Mondain Legacy expansion, CoreML, new crafting ingredient are available: Peerless Ingredient!

Peerless Ingredient are obtained by killing a Peerless! However, they are specific par Peerless Bosses! Each Peerless drop one of his own Peerless Ingredient and it have to be looted in the dead corpse of the Peerless!

Peerless Ingredient are used to craft several items, those from Artifact Craftable!

List of Peerless Ingredient

PeerlessPeerless Ingredient
Lady Melisande
Diseased Bark
Dread Horn
Dread Horn Mane
Shimmering Effusion
Captured Essence
Eye of the Travesty
Monstrous Interred Grizzle
Grizzled Bones
Chief Paroxysmus
Lard of Paroxysmus