Character Weapon Ability Nerve Strike

Nerve Strike
Does damage and paralyzes your opponent for a short time. Require Bushido skill.


When Active become into Nerve Strike Mode: The next successful Hit will give additional Direct Damage between 0 to 25 and a chance to Paralyze your opponent for 2 seconds! The damage and chance to paralyze is based on your Character Skill Bushido! The opponent will receive a Paralyze immunity for 8 seconds! The Paralyze can be broken with any offence action!

Primary Weapons

Any Weapons with the Weapon Ability Nerve Strike as Primary Ability require at least 70 Weapon Skill, 70 Tactics and 50 Bushido!

Secondary Weapons

Any Weapons with the Weapon Ability Nerve Strike as Secondary Ability require at least 90 Weapon Skill, 90 Tactics and 50 Bushido!




Mana Cost

Base Mana Cost of Nerve Strike is: 30

Damage Scalar



NerveStrikeDamage = (int)(15 * ( Bushido - 50 ) / 70 + Random(10))
NerveStrikeDamage Min/Max = 0/25

ParalyzeChance = ( 150 / 7 + ( 4 * Bushido ) / 7)
ParalyzeChance Min/Max = 50%/90%

How to Activate

To Activate the Nerve Strike:

Gump Icon

Double Left Click on the Gump Icon and it will become Red!

UOSteam Hotkeys

In UOSteam, at the Tab Hotkeys, expend Combat, expend Abilities, there's Primary and Secondary that can assign a Hotkey!

UOSteam Macro

In UOSteam, at the Tab Macros, for the Primary Ability the macro line is: setability 'primary' 'on' and for Secondary Ability the macro line is: setability 'secondary' 'on'

Calculator Mana Cost

Here's a calculator for the amount of Mana it will Cost for using Nerve Strike!

Character Stat
Lower Mana Cost
Character Skills
Mace Fighting
Skill Total
For Character with Race Human:
Click the checkbox to auto-fill at 20 each
Skills - Jack of all Trade Racial Ability and
edit the Skills to match your Character!
Base Mana Cost
Base Mana
Base Mana
(With Skill Total Bonus)
Mana Cost

Note: Skill Total greater or equal to 300 remove -10 to Base Mana and Skill Total greater or equal to 200 remove -5 to Base Mana!
If a Weapon Ability is used within 3 Seconds after another Weapon Ability, the Requirement Mana Cost will Double!