Character Skill Cooking

Cooking is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the art of Cooking Foods! It allow to cook several Items like, Magic Foods, Foods, Savage Paint Kit, Egg Bomb, Chocolate and Decoration.

In order to use Cooking, you need to use the tool: Rolling Pin, Skillet or Flour Sifter and some Ingredient depending on the item. Some item will need to be cook near a Oven or a Heating Stand. It can be important to have in your House a Flour Mill and Water Trough to help you in Cooking Item and hiring a NPC Barkeep Vendor.

When you have the required items, Double Left Click on a Cooking Tool's and the Cooking Gump Menu will open.

Cooking Tips

There's NO Power Scroll 105, 110, 115 and 120 to raise your Cooking!

There's Talisman with Cooking Exceptional Bonus and Cooking Bonus at maximum 30% to help raise your chance of success.

There's 1 Recipes in Cooking the Gingerbread Cookie.


In order to Craft any Food!
- You need one of the Cooking Tool in your Character Backpack: Rolling Pin, Skillet or Flour Sifter.

- You need some Ingredient.

When you have all the requirement, Double Left Click on the Cooking Tool and the Cooking Gump Menu will open!

In the Cooking Gump Menu, you can find Categories, Materials..

By clicking on the Button on the Right of any Cooking Item, you can see the Detail of that Item:
- Success Chance: ##.#%
- Exceptional Chance: ##.#%
- Skills - Cooking (Minimum Required Skill) ##.#
- Materials - Ingredient
- Others - (There's many message available) This item may hold its maker's mark, This item retains the color of this material, You have not learned this recipe.

Using a Talisman of Cooking Exceptional Bonus and/or Cooking Bonus can raise your chance to craft an items.

Cooking Craftable Item

There's in the Cooking Menu ?? Categories of Items to Craft!

??? ??? ???

Training Cooking

Item Requirement: Heating Stand
0 - 31.4 = Train your Cooking skill at Britain with the NPC Tamma The Cook! (314 Golds)
31.4 - 100 = Cook Raw Fish Steak

To Cook Raw Fish Steak it need a Heating Stand or any Heating Source!