Character Skill Provocation

Provocation is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's one of the Bard Skill for Musicianship that allow to Provoke a Creature with another. Require a Instrument to use Provocation.

Provocation work with the Skill Musicianship in order to successfully play an Instrument. There's 7 kinds of Instruments! There's 4 kinds of Artifact Instruments!

In order to use Provocation, you need to use an Instrument: Bamboo Flute, Drum, Lap Harp, Lute, Standing Harp, Tambourine or Tambourine (tassel).

When you have the required items, Open your Skills Gump Menu (ALT + K) or Single Left Click on SKILLS Button in your Character Paperdoll, go to the section Bard and open it, by either:
- Click on the Blue Button left to Provocation Skill.
- Single Left Click Hold, Drag away to get the Provocation Gump Button and Double Click it.

If it's the 1st time you attempt to use the Skill Provocation, you will receive a system message: "What instrument shall you play?". You will have to Target an Instrument in your Character Backpack.

After Double Clicking on Provocation we receive a Target Cursor and the System Message: Whom do you wish to incite?

When Targeting the 1st Creature to Provoke, if all condition are ok, we receive another Target Cursor and the System Message: You play your music and your target becomes angered. Whom do you wish them to attack?

When Targeting the 2nd Creature to Provoke the 1st with the 2nd, there's a Check for the Skill Musicianship and then another check for the Skill Provocation, if successfully, both targeted creature will start attacking each other!

When you wanna switch to another Instrument, you can only Double Left Click on your Instrument you wanna continue to use for your future attempt of Provocation.

PS: In UOSteam, you can create a Macro to use the Skill Provocation:
useskill 'Provocation'

Cannot use Provocation on Creature with either equal or greater then 160 Bard Difficulty!

Because Paragons are much stronger and smarter than their normal counterparts, it will be much more difficult for bards to use their skills on them, in some cases they can't even be the first target of a provoke attempt.

Provocation Reveal when using it!

There's a delay of 5 seconds if failing to play Instrument or Provoke the creature!
There's a delay of 10 seconds if successfully Provoke creature!

It consume 1 charge of the instrument used!

Provocation Chance

Target 1st Creature to Provoke with another.
Target 2nd Creature to Provoke with the 1st.

The Chance to Provoke 2 Creature is based on many point of the Targeted Creature you attempt to Provoke:
- Max Hit Points
- Max Stamina
- Max Mana
- Total Skills
- Is Magery Creature
- Is Fire Breathing Creature
- Is Poison Immune
- Is Vampire Bat
- Is able to deliver Melee Poison Level Attack
- Is Paragon

Before attempt to Provoke, you must successfully play your Instrument with Musicianship!
Formula to Check Musicianship:
If (Skill.Musicianship / 100) > RandomDouble(0.0, 1.0)

When having both Targeted Creature, there's a calculation to get the Bard Difficulty of each Creature!

Formula to get Base Difficulty:
val = (Target.MaxHitPoints * 1.6) + Target.MaxStamina + Target.MaxMana
val += Target.SkillsTotal / 10
If val > 700
val = 700 + (int)((val - 700) * 3.0/11))
If IsMageryCreature
val += 100
If IsFireBreathingCreature
val += 100
If IsPoisonImmune
val += 100
If VampireBat or VampireBatFamiliar
val += 100
val += GetPoisonLevel(Target.Creature) * 20
val /= 10
If Target.IsParagon
val += 40
If val > 160
val = 160
return val (as base difficulty)

Formula to get Difficulty For:
val = Base Difficulty
If InstrumentQuality.Exceptional
val -= 5 //10%
If Instrument.Slayer = Target.Slayer
val -= 10 //20%
ElseIf Instrument.Slayer = Target.OppositionSlayer
val += 10 //20%
return val (as difficulty for)

When having both targeted Creature Base Difficulty, we now calculate the real difficulty:
Diff = ((1st Target Base Difficulty + 2nd Target Base Difficulty * 0.5) - 5.0

if(music > 100)
Diff -= (music - 100) * 0.5

Chance % Success:
Provocation, Diff-25, Diff+25
val = Provocation
MinSkill = Diff-25
MaxSkill = Diff+25
If val < MinSkill
NO CHANCE! //Too difficult
If val >= MaxSkill
100% Chance! //No challenge

Chance % Success = (val - MinSkill) / (MaxSkill - MinSkill)
Chance = Chance % Success >= RandomDouble(0.0, 1.0)

System Message:
Instrument no longer in backpack = The instrument you are trying to play is no longer in your backpack!
Tamed Creature = They are too loyal to their master to be provoked.
Is Paragon or Base Difficulty >= 160 = You have no chance of provoking those creatures.
Target Creature cannot be Provoke = You can't incite that!
Target is Unprovokable or Dark Father = You have no chance of provoking those creatures.
Both Creature to far away of each other = The creatures you are trying to provoke are too far away from each other for your music to have an effect.
1st Attempt to use Provocation = Whom do you wish to incite?
Target Creature is the same as the 1st one = You can't tell someone to attack themselves!
Badly Check Musicianship = You play poorly, and there is no effect.
Successfully Check Musicianship and now attempt to Provoke = You play your music and your target becomes angered. Whom do you wish them to attack?
Badly Check Musicianship at Provocation stage = You play poorly, and there is no effect.
Badly Check Provocation = Your music fails to incite enough anger.
Successfully Check Provocation = Your music succeeds, as you start a fight.

Training Provocation

0 - 30: Train your Provocation Skill at ?? with the NPC ?? the ??! (?? Golds)
30 - ??: ??
?? - ??: Serpentine Dragon

Spok Message: I have to re-train that skill, it been a long time since I have 120 Provo..
So far I think:
0 - 30 = Train
30 - 54 = Gaman
54 - 62 = Giant Beetle
62 - 84 = Lesser Hiryu
84 - 92 = Hiryu
92 - 120 = Cu Sidhe

94 - ? = Serpentine Dragon