Character Skill Animal Taming

Animal Taming is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It give the ability to tame it's own animals or tamable monsters to travel and/or fight around with you! Not all animals and monsters are tamable! Tamable pet can receive Control Order from he's master. Pet can be store at each NPC Animal Trainer

In order to tame any animals or monsters you will need:
- the Minimum Required Animal Taming Skill
- Available Follower Slot
- 2 Tiles next to the Animal or Monster

When you are trying to Tame any Monsters, there is only a 1 in 20 chance to Start Tame the Monster. You will see the message: ("You seem to anger the Beast") when you are not starting taming the monster. Sometime the Monster will charge at you!

When you successfully tame a Tameable Pet, you will become hes master and will be able to give him control order. After tame all pet will get a Skills reduction of 90% but if paralized when taming they will get 86%. Some pet will have a Stats reduction of 50% (Cu Sidhe, Fire Beetle, Greater Dragon, Hiryu, Lesser Hiryu and Reptalon). All Skills and Stats can be raise after tame, Skills can go to 100 or if already over 100 it will not raise more, but the Greater Dragon have a 72% Skill Reduction but hes Skills Cap is 90% Skill Reduction. All Stats can be raise to 125 or if already over 125 it will not raise more!

Tameable Pet
Tameable Pet - Rating Tool


Taming is one of the longest Skill to raise.. so starting a new Character with 50 Animal Taming is a good idea or train at any NPC Trainer.
0 - 50 = Create New Character
35.1 - 53.1 = Polar Bear or Walrus (Ice Island - Trammel or Felucia)
53.1 - 65.1 = Snow Leopard (Ice Island - Trammel or Felucia)
65.1 - 83.1 = White Wolf (Ice Island - Trammel or Felucia)
83.1 - 120 = Ridgeback (Savage Camp - Ilshenar)


Each Character can have 5 Followers, all tamable animals and monsters have different follower number.

Control Order

When you tame an animal or tamable monster, you can give Control - Order to Follow, Attack, Stop... The chance that the tamable pet will accept the order is based on your Animal Taming and Animal Lore Skills.

Pet Commands
- All Follow Me / (Name) Follow Me = Will Make the Pet(s) to follow you.
- All Guard / (Name) Guard = Will Make the Pet(s) to guard you. If anything attack you, your Pet(s) will start Attack.
- All Kill / (Name) Kill / All Attack / (Name) Attack = Will bring up a Targeting Cursor and by Left Single Click a Mobile your Pet(s) will start Attack.
- All Stay / (Name) Stay = Will Make the Pet(s) to stop and Stay at current location.
- All Come / (Name) Come = Will Make the Pet(s) to come at your Location.
- All Stop / (Name) Stop = Will Make the Pet(s) to cancel any current orders, follow, guard, kill, stay.
- (Name) Drop = Will Make the Pet Drop all items from he's backpack.
- (Name) Follow = Will bring up a Targeting Cursor and by Left Single Click a Mobile your Pet will Follow it.
- (Name) Release = Will bring up a Menu to Release the Pet.
- (Name) Transfer = Will bring up a Targeting Cursor and by Left Single Click an other Character a Trade Menu will open to Transfer Ownership.
- (Name) Friend = Will bring up a Targeting Cursor and by Left Single Click an other Character the Pet will have another owner. The other Character will be able to give order: All Follow Me, All Follow, All Stay, All Stop.

Control Order Chance - Formula
If minimum tame skill is under or equal to 29.1, always obey!

MinTameSkill = Minimum Taming Skill
If MinTameSkill > -24.9 | MinTameSkill = -24.9
Taming = Character Animal Taming Skill (with Item)
Lore = Character Animal Lore Skill (with Item)

SkillBonus = Taming - (MinTameSkill * 10)
LoreBonus = Lore - (MinTameSkill * 10)
SkillMod = 6, LoreMod = 6
If SkillBonus < 0 | SkillMod = 28
If LoreBonus < 0 | LoreMod = 14
SkillBonus = SkillBonus * SkillMod
LoreBonus = LoreBonus * LoreMod
Bonus = (SkillBonus + LoreBonus) / 2

Chance = 700 + Bonus
If Chance >= 0 and Chance < 200 | Chance = 200
If Chance > 990 | Chance = 990

Chance = Chance - (MaxLoyalty(100) - CurrentPetLoyalty) * 10
Chance = Chance / 10

Animal Taming =
Animal Lore =
Minimum Tame Skill =

Result =


Bonded give the ability to the tamable animals or monsters to become a ghost when it die, or to recall with you when you use the Magery Spell Recall or Chivalry Spell Sacred Journey.

In order to Bond a Pet, you have to:
- Pet under your Control for 1 Week of Game Server
- Minimum Requirement Skill Animal Taming (can use Jewels that raise Animal Taming)
- Pet Preferred Food!
When you have all the requirement, you just have to Feed your Pet and the Status Bonded will appear!

It exist a item named: Pet Bond Deed from the UODemise Store that Character that purchase for real life money!
When Double Left Click on the Pet Bond Deed and Target a Pet will instantly Bond the Pet!

If your pet is dead and bonded it will be in a ghost form, with 80 Veterinary and 80 Animal Lore you can have a chance to Resurrect a bonded pet back to life!

Stable Slot Limit

Each Character can store Pets at any City with the NPC Trainer. All Character have by default 2 Stable Slots, but this number can be increased with the combination of Animal Taming, Veterinary, and Animal Lore Skill:
0 - 159.9 = +2
160 - 199.9: +3
200 - 239.9: +4
240 and more: +5

If Animal Taming is Greater or Equal to 100: ((Taming - 90) / 10)
If Animal Lore is Greater or Equal to 100: ((Lore - 90) / 10)
If Veterinary is Greater or Equal to 100: ((Vet - 90) / 10)

To Stable a Pet you have to be near any NPC Trainer and have to say the command: Stable
To Claim a Pet from your Stable you have to say the command: Claim [PetName]
To See your Stable List of Pet Available to Claim you have to say the comment: Claim List

Pack Animal cannot be stored if they have something in their backpack.
Death Pet cannot be stored, you need to resurrect it before you can put into Stable.

Using the Stable is a good strategy for Bonding any Pet, because the chance of the Pet die is very low!

Pack Instinct

Pack Instinct give Damage Bonus to your followers that are in the same Pack Type if they attack the same target! There's 8 Pack Instinct:
- Arachnid = Frost Spider, Giant Spider, Scorpion
- Bear = Black Bear, Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bear
- Bull = Bull
- Canine = Dire Wolf, Dog, Grey Wolf, Hell Hound, Timber Wolf, White Wolf
- Daemon = Fire Steed, Imp
- Equine = Fire Steed
- Feline = Cat, Cougar, Hellcat, Panther, Predator Hellcat, Snow Leopard
- Ostard = Desert Ostard, Forest Ostard, Frenzied Ostard

Damage Bonus:
2 Pack = +25%
3 Pack = +50%
4 Pack = +75%
5 Pack = +100%

Training Animal Taming

0 - 33.1 = Train your Animal Taming Skill at Luna with the NPC Adam The Animal Trainer! (331 Golds)
33.1 - 35.1 = Forest Ostard in Ilshenar - Valor (If you are well geared) or Desert Ostard in Malas - The Desert of Malas, Hind and Timber Wolf work too but they require 23.1 base taming while Forest and Desert Ostard require 29.1
35.1 - 53.1 = Polar Bear or Walrus in Ice Island
53.1 - 65.1 = Snow Leopard in Ice Island
65.1 - 83.1 = White Wolf in Ice Island
83.1 - 120 = Ridgeback in Ilshenar - Savage Village South West Corner make sure you have a Savage Kit Paint to avoid being attacked by Savages!

68.7 - 83.1 = Gaman in Tokuno - Hotaka Plains (Isamu-Jima Moongate) They are around a little hut near the North Wall
71.1 - 83.1 = Bull in Moonglow - North East or Trammel T2A (Lost Land) - Delucia North West of Healer Shop
95.1 - 120 = Ki-rin (Male Character) or Unicorn (Female Character) in Malas - The Grimswind Ruins make sure you have Positive Karma to avoid being attacked by them!

UOSteam Macro Train Animal Taming

Follow the instruction:
1 - In UOSteam, go into the tab Macros -> Click New -> Add a macro Name -> Click OK -> Highlight your new Macro (Name) -> Place your Mouse Cursor in the Macro Textarea section -> Paste the Macro there -> Click Save!
2 - Go to Luna City Train with NPC Adam The Animal Trainer. 331gp
3 - You will have to Assing a Key to your Macro and place yourself at least 2 tiles near the tame Animal/Monster!
4 - Click you Assigned Key to Start the Macro!
PS: At line #6, you can change the 'one' to something else! This will rename the tamed Animal/Monster to what you have written.