Character Stat Dexterity

The Dexterity is one of the character stats that determine the agility and stamina of the character.

You can find the number of Dexterity you have in your Character Status.

The total amount of Dexterity apply on:
- Stamina
- Swing Speed
- Healing Time


The Stamina is your Breath, at 0 Stamina, you gonna walk instead of run and swing your weapon very slow.

Stamina = Dexterity

Dexterity Bonus

Certain Items can raise your Character Stat Dexterity. Normally the Mod Dexterity Bonus can only be found on Ring or Bracelet between 1 to 8.

Dexterity Bonus Items

It exist different kind of Items that would not normally have the Mod Dexterity Bonus:

ItemDexterity BonusPaperdoll SlotObtain
Arms of Tactical Excellence5ArmsLToT
Assassin Armor Set
(4 Pieces)
12Hands, Arms, Chest & LegsSet Item - ML
Burglar's Bandana5HeadMinor Artifact
Captain John's Hat8HeadChampion Artifact
Captain Quacklebush's Cutlass5Cutlass
(1 Hand)
Minor Artifact
Crimson Cincture5CincturePeerless Artifact
Dread Pirate Hat8HeadMinor Artifact
Faerie Fire3Elven Composite Longbow
(2 Hands)
Craftable Artifact
Gloves of the Pugilist8HandsMinor Artifact
The Horselord5Yumi
(2 Hands)
Hunter's Garb Armor Set
(4 Pieces)
10Hands, Arms, Chest & LegsSet Item - ML
Hunter's Headdress8HeadDoom Artifact
Ironwood Crown5HeadCraftable Artifact
Jackal's Collar15HeadDoom Artifact
Mace and Shield Reading Glasses5HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Marksman Set
(2 Pieces)
8Bow & QuiverSet Item - ML
Scout Armor Set
(6 Pieces - 9 Kind in Totals)
12Head, Neck, Hands, Arms, Chest and LegsSet Item - Clean Up Britannia
Stitcher's Mittens5HandsCraftable Artifact
Talon Bite8Ornate Axe
(2 Hands)
ML Artifact
The Taskmaster5War Fork
(1 Hand)
Doom Artifact