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Hey, Hello Everyone! I'm Spok, from SpokLand.com!

I will add into this site my Journey into the game Ultima Online - UODemise as well as Information on the game, Guide and Tutorial to help other players!

UOG: Demise Events

Clean Up Britannia Finish

2020-04-13T19:40 to 2020-05-12T19:40

Clean Up Britannia is now Active!

Barrels are available at Towns Banks.
A barrel can also be placed in your house by using the "I wish to place a CUB barrel" command.
(To re...

Easter Festival Schedule 2020 Finish

2020-04-11T11:00 to 2020-04-13T00:00



Saturday April 11th - Monday April 13th 2020
Festival grounds open on the 11th at 3pm U...

St Patrick's Day 2020 Finish

2020-03-16T20:00 to 2020-03-17T20:00

The Leprechauns have taken over The Enchanted Forest near Spirituality in Ilshenar!!!
Look out for a rainbow, this will lead you to a Pot o' Gold, kill the leprechaun and you might be able to tak...

Valentine's Day 2020 Finish

2020-02-14T08:30 to 2020-02-16T21:00

Happy Valentine's Day!

Characters older than 30 days will receive a small gift when logging in next. Only one gift is given per account.
These gift will be available for a week.

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