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Hey, Hello Everyone! I'm Spok, from SpokLand.com!

I will add into this site my Journey into the game Ultima Online - UODemise as well as Information on the game, Guide and Tutorial to help other players!

UOG: Demise Events

Halloween 2021 (Act 2) Active

2021-10-16T02:33 to 2021-11-02T18:00

A Demise tradition returns once again...

Halloween Town has been opened!

Gates to the Festival Groun...

Halloween 2021 (Act 1) Active

2021-10-09T00:45 to 2021-10-30T00:45

A spooky time of year draws close,
The time of year you love the most.

With lots of treats for all of you,
Of course there’ll be a trick or two.

Be quick to heal make n...

Summer Festival Schedule 2021 Finish

2021-08-27T21:50 to 2021-08-29T23:59


August 27th to August 29th 2021
Festival grounds open on Friday 27th at 9.50 PM UTC

Treasures of Tokuno Finish

2021-07-05T12:51 to 2021-07-19T12:51

News from Zento!

Akaya the Imperial Trade Assistant has informed me that our most generous and bravest of citizens have helped her complete her task.
Ihara Soko has informed us that he...

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UOG: Demise Updates

June 25, 2021 Active


The following changes have been made during tonight's server restart:

 -Weapon hit effects no longer go off when a hit is parried. (Bug report...

August 28, 2020 Active


The following changes will be made during tonight's server restart:

 - Monsters will no longer flee while they are being attacked. If a monster is not attacked for 6-10 seconds (random...

May 23, 2020 - House Decay Active


House Decay

During the weekly server restart, house decay has been turned back on.

If your account is inactive (not logged into a character for 90 days), any house ...

April 3, 2020 Active


The following changes have been made during server wars:
 - Water barrels can now be chopped with an axe.
 - Fixed character creation town selection for new clients.
 - A...

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YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube Channel where I will store all my Videos on UOG: Demise!