Location Champion Altar

In Ultima Online there's many Champion Spawn Altar available in several Facet with a total of 24 Champion Spawn Altars!

It's my favorite aspect of the game!

Champion Spawn Altar offer to do a Champion Spawn! Fighting different Monsters to collect Champion Spawn Altar Skulls in order to get the Champion Spawn Boss!

Felucca Champion Spawn can give as a reward of defeating the Boss Power Scrolls, Champion Skulls, Scroll of Transcendence (between 0.1 to 1.0) and Champion Artifact! There's 6 Champion Skulls that can Spawn the Champion Boss the Harrower, he can give Stat Scrolls!

Ilshenar, Tokuno or ML Champion Spawn cannot give as a reward Power Scrolls and Champion Skulls, but they can give Scroll of Transcendence (0.1 to 0.5) and Champion Artifact!

There's no Champion Spawn Altar in the Map Trammel!

Felucca Champion Spawn Altars

- Abyss Spawn (Semidar) - Fire Dungeon (1st Level)
- Arachnid Spawn (Mephitis) - Terathan Keep (North East Corner)
- Cold Blood Spawn (Rikktor) - Destard (1st Level)
- Unholy Terror Spawn (Neira) - Deceit (3rt Level)
- Vermin Horde Spawn (Barracoon) - Despise (2nd Level)

Felucca T2A Champion Spawn Altars

- Bog Spawn (Random Spawn) - At the center of Hoppers Bog, South East of Papua
- City of the Dead Spawn (Random Spawn) - North of Delucia
- Damwin Spawn (Random Spawn) - South East of Marble Passage Exit, North of the City of the Dead
- Desert Spawn (Random Spawn) - West of Fire Dungeon entrance, North West of Papua
- Forest Lord Spawn (Lord Oaks) - North East of Delucia, South West of the exit to Vesper Cemetery Passage
- Ice East Spawn (Random Spawn) - North East of Wyvern Isle, use the teleporter East of Delucia to reach
- Ice West Spawn (Random Spawn) - Back exit of Ice Dungeon
- Khaldun Spawn (Random Spawn) - South of Khaldun Dungeon, South West of Minoc North Mines Passage
- Marble Spawn (Random Spawn) - East of Marble Island Passage Exit, West of Terathan Keep Entrance
- Oasis Spawn (Random Spawn) - South West of T2A Lighthouse, West of Ophidian Lair
- Terra Sanctum Spawn (Random Spawn) - East of Fire Dungeon entrance, North East of Papua, only accessible by Boat
- Tortoise Spawn (Random Spawn) - South West of Khaldun dungeon, North West of Temple Island Teleporter

Ilshenar Champion Spawn Altars

- Humility Spawn (Random Spawn) - Moongate Ilshenar Humility, North East, over the ledge, North
- Spirituality Spawn (Lord Oaks) - Moongate Ilshenar Spirituality, North, North East
- Valor Spawn (Random Spawn) - Moongate Ilshenar Valor, South West, pass the white bridge, North West

Tokuno Champion Spawn Altars

- Sleeping Dragon Spawn (Serado) - Moongate Tokuno Isamu-Jima follow the North road

ML Champion Spawn Altars

- Corrupt Spawn (Ilhenir) - Bedlam Dungeon
- Glade Spawn (Twaulo) - Twisted Weald
- Minotaur Spawn (Meraktus) - Labyrinth Dungeon

How to work a Champion Spawn

In order to start working a Champion Spawn, it require to be in the area of a Champion Spawn Altar. There's 24 Champion Spawn Altars all around the world of Ultima Online except in Trammel Facet. Felucca, Ilshenar, Malas and Tokuno have Champion Spawn Altars. The only different in which location you choose, is the reward available!

When you have decided the Champion Spawn Altar to fight, you can try to do it by yourself, but it's recommended to work them with friend or other players! Arrived in the area of the Champion Spawn Altar, the Altar can be Activate or Not! If it's already Activate, you will see between 2-4 Red Candles and the Altar will be colored in Blue. If it's not Activate, there's will be 0 Red Candle and the Altar will be colored in Black.

To Activate a Champion Spawn Altar, it require to use the Character Virtue - Valor! Only Good/Blue Character can use Virtue! It also require to be Knight of Valor in order to Active a Champion Spawn Altar! To Activa an Altar, use the Virtue - Valor and Target the Idol, in the middle of the pentagram. If you or any players in your group is not Knight of Valor, no one will be able to Activate the Altar. But don't be discouraged! It exist Champion Spawn Altar that are always Activated, in order to gain point for the Virtue - Valor! Those are from Ilshenar, Tokuno and ML. Also, Felucca can have 1 of it's Dungeon Champion Spawn Altar or into T2A/Lost Lands randomly Activate if no Altar are Active! It will be de-activated and de-spawned when the server restarts (usually once a week).

Start killing and KILLING! The Champion Spawn Altar will always spawn tier 1 Monsters for 3 Rounds starting from the minimum candle. After that, every tier of Monsters has 4 Rounds! So because the Altar will always be between 2 to 4 Red Candles when Activated! The Level/Tier Monsters are as follow:
Red CandlesMonsters to Kill
Level 12/4 to 5/7?
Level 25/7 to 9/11?
Level 39/11 to 13/15?
Level 413/15 to 16?

By advancing into each Level/Tier, the Spawned Monsters will start to be stronger and stronger! Only the Monsters from the currently Spawning Level/Tier will advance the Champion Spawn Candles. Other Spawning Level/Tier kills are ignored. Also, the Spawning Area will gradually shrink as the spawn progresses.

Working the Champion Spawn until it reach 16 Red Candles with 4 White Candles, the 5th White Candle will Activate the Champion Spawn Pentagram on the Altar by eating all Red Candles and will change Pentagram color into Red and then the Champion Boss will appear!

Killing the Champion Boss! When the Champion Boss die, it will explose by many Flamestrike and Explosion withing a circle around him and will spawn as reward many many piles of Golds on the ground! Also, there's will be a Chance to Win a Champion Artifact, in order to have a chance, all the Character who have kill monsters withing the Champion Spawn will accumulate points. Having more points will give better chance! However, any Character have to be in the Champion Spawn Area in order to Roll their chance for a Champion Artifact! Finally, if the Champion Spawn was in Felucca, it will reward with 6x Power Scroll (random)!