Character Virtue

There is 8 Virtues in Ultima Online that each Characters can use, but with the exception of 3 Virtues that are inactive. Active Virtue are: Compassion, Honor, Justice, Sacrifice and Valor. Inactive Virtue are: Honesty, Humility and Spirituality.

Each Active Virtue have it's own way to raise it. When you raise any Virtue you receive point that represent Dot inside the Virtue Gump Status Menu.

There is 3 Level in each Virtue:
- Seeker of (virtue name)
- Follower of (virtue name)
- Knight of (virtue name)

When you reach a Level the Virtue will become another color! As much as you advance the color will be stronger.

Virtue point decrease by itself with the server time.. so you have to re-work on them to keep the maximum Level.

Only Blue Character can access the Virtues Gump Menu, so a Red Character cannot raise the Virtue: Honor and Sacrifice and cannot use the Virtue: Justice and Valor, but can benefit of the Virtue: Compassion!

By using a Blue Character, you can check the Virtue Gump Menu of any Red Character!

Virtue Gump Menu

Virtue Gump Menu can be accessed by Double Left Click on the Virtue Button, located inside the Character Paperdoll:

Virtue Gump Status Menu

Virtue Status Gump Menu can be accessed by Single Left Click on the Status Button, located inside the Virtue Gump Menu:

Active Virtues

Compassion: A Heart (NPC Escort Quests / Resurrect others with up to 80% Full Hit Points)
Honor: A Chalice (Honoring your Killing Monsters / Walk near Monsters without being Attacked)
Justice: A Set of Scales (Killing Reds / Increased Power Scrolls Amounts)
Sacrifice: A Teardrop (Sacrificing Fame / Self Resurrection)
Valor: A Sword (Kill Champion Spawn Monsters / Ability to Advance Champion Spawns)

Inactive Virtues

Honesty: An Open-Palmed Hand (inactive)
Humility: A Shepherd’s Crook (inactive)
Spirituality: An Ankh (inactive)


The Compassion Virtue is considered for Escorting NPC to a town they request!

Brief Informations

Escort Quest Gain = 200 for town NPC or Bravehorn and 400 for Prisoner
Escort Quest Cooldown Delay = 5 Minutes
Maximum Escort Quest Per Day = 5
Maximum Compassion = 21000
To get Knight of Compassion with 200 per Quest = 105 Quests (21 Days)
To get Knight of Compassion with 400 per Quest = 53 Quests (11 Days)
Loss Amount = 500
Loss Delay = 7 Days
Benefits = 80% HP When you Ressurect another Player
Raise Compassion = Blue and Red Character
Benefit Compassion Bonus = Blue and Red Character


The Honor Virtue is considered for Warrior, specifically for Skill Bushido!

Brief Informations

Use Target = Self: Embrace Honor, Animals or Monsters: Honor and Cannot target another Player
Embrace Honor Delay = 5 minutes
Embrace Honor Duration = Seeker: 30 sec, Follower: 90 sec and Knight: 300 sec
Maximum Honor Point = 20000
Lost Point Delay = No
Lost Point = No
Raise Honor = Blue Character
Benefit Honor Bonus = Blue Character


The Virtue Justice is considered in PVP and Power Scrolls!

Brief Informations

Maximum Justice = 21000
To get Knight of Justice = Kill 1 or 2 Reds
Lost Point Delay = 7 Days
Lost Point = 950
Benefits = Protector get 100% the Copy of Power Scroll of Stat Power Scroll
Raise Justice = Blue and Red Character
Benefit Justice Bonus = Blue Character


The Sacrifice Virtue is considered with Fame!

Brief Informations

Sacrifice Fame Cooldown Delay = 24 Hours
Maximum Sacrifice = 22000
To get Knight of Sacrifice with 2000 (on Daemon or Succubus) per Sacrifice Fame = 11 (11 Days)
Loss Amount = 500
Loss Delay = 7 Days
Benefits = 3 Self Resurrection per Week for Knight of Sacrifice
Raise Compassion = Blue Character
Benefit Compassion Bonus = Blue Character


The Valor Virtue is considered with Champion Spawn!

Brief Informations

Maximum Valor = 21000
To get Knight of Valor = ?? Monsters to Kill (Doing 1 Champion Spawn Completely will Raise to Knight)
Gain Valor Point = 800 When Finishing a Champion Boss
Loss Amount = 250
Loss Delay = 7 Days
Benefits = 1 Red Candle to Champion Altar
Raise Compassion = Blue and Red Character
Benefit Compassion Bonus = Blue Character

Virtue Level

Level 0 = 0 to 4000
Level 1 = 4001 to 10001
Level 2 = 10002 to 20999 for Compassion, Justice and Valor, to 19999 for Honor and to 21999 for Sacrifice
Level 3 = 21000 for Compassion, Justice and Valor, to 20000 for Honor and to 22000 for Sacrifice