Character Skill Begging

Begging is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the Skill that can acquire Golds and Items from NPC's by simply asking them! Using Begging need high Karma! If you have negative Karma, there's a percentage chance to success Begging a NPC's.

It's very useful when the Halloween Event is Active to acquire Special Halloween Items!

Begging need to be done:
- only on Human or Elf NPC's
- cannot target other Player's
- 2 tiles away of the targeted NPC
- not mounted

Begging can give between 0 and 14 Golds! (nothing impressive)

Begging when used will drop your Karma! But only if you are under 3000. It reduce by maximum 40 Karma per Begging!

Can use Begging each 10 seconds!

BadKarmaChance = 0.5 - (CurrentCharacterKarma / 8570)