Character Skill Poisoning

Poisoning is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the art of Poisoning object! It allow to Inflict a Poison Level on others Mobile! Require a Poison Potion and another Items: (Weapon, Fukiya Darts, Shuriken, Food or Drink). It can also improve the Poison Level on Magery Spell: Poison and Poison Field

Poisoning allow to use the Weapon Ability: Infectious Strike & Serpent Arrow!

There's 7 Weapons with Infectious Strike:

Primary Ability
- Assassin Spike
- Butcher Knife
- Dagger

Secondary Ability
- Cleaver
- Kryss
- Pike
- Double Bladed Staff

There's 1 Range Weapon with Serpent Arrow:

Secondary Ability
- Elven Composite Longbows

Take 2 seconds to Apply a Poison Charge!
Applying a Poison Charge remove -20 Karma!
Failing to Apply a Poison Charge have 5% Chance to Poison yourself!
Delay of 10 seconds before re-attempt to use the Skill Poisoning!

Apply Poison Charge

When use Poisoning and successfully apply a poison charge, the number of Poison Charge is different from each type of items:

Charge = 18 - (Poison.Level * 2)

Fukiya Darts & Shurikens
PoisonCharges = Math.Min( 18 - (Poison.Level * 2), FukiyaDarts/Shurikens.UsesRemaining )

Foods & Drinks
Charge = 1

Poison Statistic

* Lethal Potion does't exist!

Train Poisoning

0 - 30: Train your Poisoning Skill at ?? with the NPC ?? the ??! (?? Golds)
30 - ??: