Character Stat Intelligence

The Intelligence is one of the character stats that determine the wisdom and mana of the character.

You can find the number of Intelligence you have in your Character Status.

The total amount of Intelligence apply on:
- Mana
- Magery Spell Damage Bonus
- Success chance for Meditation Skill


The Mana is your Magic Resource, at 0 Mana, you can no longer Cast any Spells or use Weapons Abilities, you will need to wait to regain more Mana in order to use it.

Mana = Intelligence

Magery Spell Damage Bonus

The amount of Intelligence give some Spell Damage Bonus to Magery Spells:
- Magic Arrow
- Fireball
- Harm
- Lightning
- Mind Blast
- Energy Bolt
- Explosion
- Flamestrike

Spell Damage Bonus = (Intelligence / 10) [Rounded Down]
1% per 10 Intelligence you have.

Intelligence Bonus

Certain Items can raise your Character Stat Intelligence. Normally the Mod Intelligence Bonus can only be found on Ring or Bracelet between 1 to 8.

Intelligence Bonus Items

It exist different kind of Items that would not normally have the Mod Intelligence Bonus:

ItemIntelligence BonusPaperdoll SlotObtain
Crown Of Tal'Keesh8HeadChampion Artifact
Detective Boots2, 3 or 4FootsChampion Artifact
Divine Countenance8HeadDoom Artifact
Djinni's Ring5RingChampion Artifact
Hat Of The Magi8HeadDoom Artifact
Helm Of Insight8HeadDoom Artifact
Helm Of Swiftness5HeadML Artifact
Ironwood Crown5HeadCraftable Artifact
Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard5SashChampion Artifact
Light of Way Reading Glasses5HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Orcish Machete-5Elven Machete
(1 Hand)
Community Collection - Britain Library
Pendant Of The Magi10NeckCratable Artifact
Reading Glasses of the Arts5HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Reading Glasses of the Trades10HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library
Ring Of The Savant3RingNew Player Quests - A Scholarly Task
Spell Woven Britches8LegsCraftable Artifact
Tome Of Enlightenment5Spellbook
(1 Hand)
Tome Of Lost Knowledge8Spellbook
(1 Hand)
Treasures and Trinkets Reading Glasses10HeadCommunity Collection - Britain Library