Character Skill Meditation

Meditation is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

Its the art of Meditation, it allow to raise the Character Mana Regeneration much faster!

Meditation can be use in 2 different ways:
- Active: By using the Skill Meditation
- Passive: It raise your base Mana Regeneration

In order for Meditation to work Passively, your Character need to have equip only Meddable Armor or None-Meddable Armor with the Item Mods Mage Armor on them! If 1 pieces of Armor is not a Meddable Armor, Meditation will not work and the Skill Focus will be use for your Mana Regeneration!

Activating Meditation

To Activate Meditation Left Single Click on the Blue Diamond in the Skills Scroll List. It will roll a chance to become into Meditation Mode.

Chance = (50.0 + ((Meditation - (MaxMana - Mana)) * 2)) / 100

It need 10 seconds before retrying to use Meditation!

Note: If your Character is in Hidden Mode, it will be revealed.

Meditation Mana Regeneration

The Mana Regeneration is based on many factor:
- Character Stat Intelligence
- Character Skill Meditation
- Character Skill Focus
- Character Item Mods Mana Regeneration

Formula for Meditation Mana Regeneration:
medPoints = Character Intelligence + (Skill Meditation * 3)
medPoints = medPoints * (Meditation < 100 ? 0.025 : 0.0275)

If your Character is under Meditation, the amount of Mana Regeneration is double!

Train Meditation

0 - 30 = Train with NPC
30 - 100 = Active the Meditation Skill or each time you gain 1 mana it can raise Meditation!