Character Skill Necromancy

Necromancy is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the art of Dark Magic! Intellect Necro! It can perform Strong Spell versus his enemies! Area Damage, Transform and Summons! Cold, Poison and Direct Spell Damage!

Necromancy require a Necromancer Spellbook in order to cast a Spell and the resource Reagents! You can buy a Spellbook and Reagents at any NPC Necromancer in any City. But when buying a Spellbook it will come empty! It require to add 1 copy of each Necromancy Scroll into the Spellbook before being able to cast any Spells! Necromancy Scroll can be purchase at any NPC Necromancer and in the loot of several monsters!

There's 17 Necromancy Spells!!!

Necromancy work with the Skill Spirit Speak for the Amount of Damage and Duration of certain Spells!

The Character Mods Spell Damage Increase can raise the Amount of Damage of certain Spells! But it's limited to 15% in PvP! No limit in PvM!

There's Power Scroll to raise the limit of Necromancy to 105, 110, 115 or 120!

Necromancy Reagents

There's 5 kinds of Reagents for all Necromancy Spells:
- Batwing
- Daemon Blood
- Pig Iron
- Nox Crystal
- Grave Dust

Necromancy Scrolls

There's 17 kinds of Necromancy Scrolls for Necromancy! Each Spells have its own Scroll! They all can be found in the loot of several monsters!

The Skill Inscription is able to Craft Necromancy Scroll, but it need to have the Scroll in a Spellbook!

Spell NameMana CostMinimum SkillReagentDescriptionEffectFormula
Animate Dead

Uus Corp
23 40 Grave Dust, Daemon Blood Animates the Targeted corpse, creating a mindless, wandering undead. The strenght of the risen undead is greatly modified by the Fame of the original creature. Raise a Creature, can have 3 Animate Dead at same time, do not count on your Character Followers Fame of Creature: 18000 >= Skeletal Dragon, Lich Lord | 10000 >= Flesh Golem, Hell Steed | 5000 >= Lich, Wailing Banshee | 3000 >= Skeletal Knight, Bone Knight | 2000 >= Mummy | 1000 >= Skeletal Mage, Bone Magi | 0 >= Patchwork Skeleton, Mound of Maggots, Skeletal Mount
Blood Oath

In Jux Mani Xen
13 20 Daemon Blood Temporarily creates a dark pact between the Caster and the Target. Any damage dealt by the Target to the Caster is increased, but the Target receives the same amount of damage. Each Damage the Target do to the Caster will be receive. If the Target have Resist Spell the Damage can be resisted. Duration = ((Caster.SpiritSpeak - Target.ResistSpell) / 8) + 8 Secondes
Percentage of Damage Resisted = ((Target.ResistSpell * 10) / 20) + 10 = %
Corpse Skin

In Agle Corp Ylem
11 20 Bat Wing, Grave Dust Transmogrifies the flesh of the target creature or player to resemble rotted corpse flesh, making them more vulnerable to Fire and Poison damage, but increasing their resistance to Physical and Cold damage. Target: -15 Fire, -15 Poison, +10 Cold, +10 Physical Resists Duration = ((Caster.SpiritSpeak - Target.ResistSpell) / 2.5) + 40 Secondes
Curse Weapon

An Sact Gra Char
7 0 Pig Iron Temporarily imbues a weapon with a life draining effect. Half the damage that the weapon inflicts is added to the necromancer's health. Caster: 50% of he's Damage will be receive as Hit Point Duration = (SpiritSpeak / 3.4) + 1 Secondes
Evil Omen

Pas Tym An Sanct
11 20 Bat Wing, Nox Crystal Curses the target so that the next harmful event that affects them is magnified. Target: Next Hit will be increased by 25%
or Poison Level will raise by 1
Resist Spell will decrease to 50
Duration = (SpiritSpeak / 12) + 1 Secondes OR Until next Hit!

Ort Corp Grav
40 80 and Spirit Speak 100 Nox Crystal, Grave Dust Forcibly relocates player ghosts caught within the spell's area of effect if the ghost does not have a nearby corpse. The spell is only effective in Champion regions, and has no effect upon members of the same party, guild, alliance, or faction. Affected ghosts are sent to the Chaos Shrine. -
Horrific Beast

Rel Xen Vas Bal
11 40 Bat Wing, Daemon Blood Transforms the Caster into a horrific demonic beast, which deals more damage, and recovers hit points faster, but can no longer cast any spells except for Necromancer Transformation spells. Caster remains in this form until they recast the Horrific Beast spell. Caster receives +2 hitpoints/second (equals 20 Hit Point Regeneration).
Caster receives +25% Damage Increase (item property).
Increased base hand damage from 1–6 to 5-15.
Caster cannot cast any spells except from necromancer transformation spells.
Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.
Lich Form

Rel Xen Corp Ort
23 70 Grave Dust, Deamon Blood, Nox Crystal Transforms the Caster into a lich, increasing their mana regeneration and some Resistances, while lowering their Fire Resist and slowly sapping their life. Caster remains in this form until they recast the Lich Form spell. Caster receives +1.3 mana/second (equals 13 Mana Regeneration).
+10 Cold and Poison, -10 Fire Resist.
Immunity to Bleed Attack.
Lose 1 hitpoints/2 seconds (equals -5 Hit Point Regeneration).
+25% Damage from Undead Slayer
Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.
Mind Rot

Wis An Ben
17 30 Bat Wing, Pig Iron, Daemon Blood Attempts to place a curse on the Target that increases the mana cost of any spells they cast, for a duration based off a comparison between the Caster's Spirit Speak skill and the Target's Resisting Spells skill. Target: 25% Increased Mana Cost Duration (((Caster.SpiritSpeak - Target.ResistSpell) / 5) + 20) * (Target.Player 1 ELSE 2) secondes
Pain Spike

In Sar
5 20 Grave Dust, Pig Iron Temporarily causes intense physical pain to the Target, dealing Direct damage. Once the spell wears off, if the Target is still alive, some of the Hit Points lost through Pain Spike are restored. Direct Damage to Target (bypasses any armor), after 10 seconds Target Hit Points are coming back. If still under the Effect: Damage are down to Random 3-7 and add 2 seconds to Duration. Leech Target Stamina. Damage = ((Caster.SpiritSpeak - Target.ResistSpell) / 10) + Target.Player 18 ELSE 30
If under Pain Spike Effect Damage = Random 3-7 and add 2 seconds to Duration
Poison Strike

In Vas Nox
17 50 Nox Crystal Creates a blast of poisonous energy centered on the target. The main target is inflicted with a large amount of Poison damage, and all valid targets in a radius of 2 tiles around the main target are inflicted with a lesser effect. Deal Poison Damage to Target, 1 tile from Target receives 50% Damage and 2 tiles from Target receives 33% Damage. Damage = Random 32-40 * ((300 + (Caster.SpiritSpeak * 9)) / 1000)
Spell Damage Increase WORK!

In Bal Nox
29 65 Daemon Blood, Nox Crystal Temporarily chokes off the air supply of the Target with poisonous fumes. The Target is inflicted with Poison damage over time. The amount of damage dealt each "hit" is based off of the Caster's Spirit Speak skill and the Target's current Stamina.
Summon Familiar

Kal Xen Bal
17 30 Bat Wing, Grave Dust, Daemon Blood Allows the Caster to summon a Familiar from a selected list. A Familiar will follow and fight with its owner, in addition to granting unique bonuses to the Caster, dependent upon the type of Familiar summoned. Can only have Summon 1 Familiar. Familiar List: Horde Minion 30 Necro, 30 Spirit
Shadow Wisp 50 Necro, 50 Spirit
Dark Wolf 60 Necro, 60 Spirit
Death Adder 80 Necro, 80 Spirit
Vampire Bat 100 Necro, 100 Spirit
Vampiric Embrace

Rel Xen An Sanct
23 99 Bat Wing, Nox Crystal, Pig Iron Transforms the Caster into a powerful Vampire, which increases hes Stamina and Mana regeneration while lowering his Fire Resistance. Vampires also perform Life Drain when striking their enemies. Caster remains in this form until they recast the Vampiric Embrace spell. Caster receives 20% life drain on every hit.
Immunity to poison level 1 to 4.
Mana Regeneration 3.
Stamina Regeneration 15.
+25% damage from Undead Slayer.
-25 Fire Resist.
If Caster cast spell that consume Garlic he receive 17-23 damage and cannot drink garlic based (cure) potion.
Duration is permanent until death or a transformation spell is cast.
Vengeful Spirit

Kal Xen Bal Beh
41 80 Bat Wing, Grave Dust, Pig Iron Summons a vile Spirit which haunts the Target until either the Target or the Spirit is dead. Vengeful Spirits have the ability to track down their Targets wherever they may travel. A Spirit's strength is determined by the Necromancy and Spirit Speak skills of the Caster. Summon a Vengeful Spirit on the Target Duration = ((Caster.SpiritSpeak * 80) / 120) + 10

Kal Vas An Flam
23 60 Nox Crystal, Grave Dust, Pig Iron Creates a withering frost around the Caster, which deals Cold Damage to all valid targets in a radius. Deal Area Cold Damage (5 Tiles) around the Caster. Damage = Random 30-35 * (300 + (Target.Karma / 100) + (Caster.SpiritSpeak * 10) / 1000
Spell Damage Increase WORK!
Wraith Form

Rel Xen Um
17 20 Nox Crystal, Pig Iron Transforms the Caster into an ethereal Wraith, lowering some Elemental Resists, while increasing their Physical resist. Wraith Form also allows the caster to always succeed when using the Recall spell, and causes a Mana Drain effect when hitting enemies. Caster remains in this form until they recast the Wraith Form spell. +15 Physical, -5 Fire and -5 Energy Resist.
Walk through people in Felucca without losing stamina/being revealed.
Can cast the Magery Spell Recall 100%
Immunity to Bleed Attack
Leech Mana when Hitting or Casting.

Necromancy Spells effected by Spirit Speak

- Pain Spike
- Poison Strike
- Wither

Necromancy 100% Casting Success

To Cast any Necromancy Spell with a 100% Success Chance it need:

Base Minimum Requirement + 40

Necromancy Faster Casting & Faster Cast Recovery

The maximum amount of Faster Casting and Faster Cast Recovery for Necromancy are:
- Faster Casting = 2
- Faster Cast Recovery = 6

Casting with Necromancy Scroll

When Casting any Necromancy Scroll, the Chance of success the Spell is based on the same as the original Spell but the maximum chance is the same as the minimum requirement! It doesn't consume any Reagents but instead it consume the Scroll used! It consume the Mana of the original Spell!

Training Necromancy

0 - 40 = Train your Necromancy Skill at New Haven with the NPC Mulcivikh the Necromancy Instructor! (400 Golds) And take he's Quest for a Acceleration until 50 Necromancy! (Reward: Complete Necromancer Spellbook)
40 - 60 = Horrific Beast
60 - 70 = Wither
70 - 99 = Lich Form
99 - 120 = Vampiric Embrace