Item Bulk Order Deed

Bulk Order Deed or BOD is a little deed Item that have a specific task on them. Its like a little job by the NPC for Characters. They can come from the NPC Blacksmithy or Tailoring. There is 2 kind of BOD, normal and exceptional and they come into different form small or large. They can have a specific type of Ore or Leather.

Requirement to get Bulk Order Deed

You need at least 0.1 Skill in Blacksmithy or Tailoring in order to get one.

How to get Bulk Order Deed

You have to go visit a NPC Blacksmithy or Tailoring shop, when you are near the NPC, you have to:
- Left Single Click on "the NPC" -> Left Single Click on "Bulk Order Info"

When you collect a BOD, depending on your Skill, you will receive a waiting timer in order to get a other one.
- At 0.1 Skill you can collect a BOD each 1 hour.
- At 70.1 Skill you can collect a BOD each 6 hours.

If you give a Completed BOD to the NPC, you will receive a reward depending on the BOD you give and the Reset waiting timer is drop to 0.

Reset Bulk Order Deed

Reset Bulk Order Deed are BOD that have no specific good reward on them, the only purpose is to Reset the Waiting Timer to 0, to be able to Collect a new one.

You can collect Reset BOD with a Character having 0.1 Skill and complete the BOD with any Character BUT to receive the best possibility to get a Good BOD you have to give the Reset BOD with a Character having 120 Skill.

Human have the Racial Ability Jack of all skills. That make them having 20 in each Skills. So a Reset BOD taken by a Human at 0.1 is considered at the same if he was at 20 Skill.

Reset BOD are normaly prefered by Elf Character because they really have only 0.1 Skill and the BOD they can receive cost very low in resources if we compare with Human BOD.