Character Skill Herding

Herding is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

Herding allow your Character to direct Tamable Creature Location.

Activating Herding

To Activate Herding you need to have a Shepherd's Crook in your hand or inside your Backpack. Double Left Click on the Shepherd's Crook and Target any Tamable Creature. You will then receive a Target Cursor to Locate where you want this Tamable Creature to move.

Cannot Herd:
- None Tamable Creature
- Paragon Creature
- Tamed Creature
- Champion Spawn Creature

Success Chance Herding

The Success Chance is base on:
Min = Minimum Taming Require - 30
Max = Minimum Taming Require + 30 + Random(1 to 10)

Max <= Herding
100% Chance // That wasn't even challenging.