Character Skill Snooping

Snooping is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the art of snoop into others backpack! It allow to spy on all items inside other Players, Pack Horse, Pack Llama and NPC's backpack!

Snooping is best combined with Stealing! Because it give the chance to see items before to attempt to steal one!

Hiding and Stealth can help to get closer to your victim!

In order to use Snooping, Left Single Click on the Blue Diamond in the Skills Scroll List, or

Left Single Click and Hold, Drag away to get the Snooping Button and then Double Left Click on the Snooping Button,

It will give a Target Cursor and the system message: "???"

It require to be 1 tile way of your victim!
In Felucca we can Snoop anybody!
Not in Town we can Snoop any NPC!
In Town we cannot Snoop Blue Human NPC!
Snooping remove 4 Karma!
There's no Power Scroll for Snooping!

Chance to Snooping

When using Snooping, there's a Chance to receive the System Message: "You notice "Player Name who Snoop" attempting to peek into "Player Name who been Snoop"'s belongings." for all other Players in a radius of 8 tiles around the backpack that will be Snoop!

Chance to see System Message = if(Snooping < Random(0,100))

Then there's a Chance to been able to see the other backpack!

MinSkill = 0
MaxSkill = 100
Snooping = Character Skill Snooping
if(Snooping < MinSkill)
return false //Too difficult
if(Snooping >= MaxSkill)
return true //No challenge

Chance % Success = (Snooping - MinSkill) / (MaxSkill - MinSkill)
Chance = Chance % Success >= RandomDouble(0.0, 1.0)

If successfully Snoop the backpack but it have a Trap inside, this Trap will detonate on your Character!

If fail to Snoop the backpack, it give the System Message: "You failed to peek into the container." and then there's a Chance to be revealed if your Character is in Hidden Mode!

Chance to be revealed = if(Hiding / 2 < Random(0,100))

Train Snooping

0 - 30 = Train your Skill Snooping with the NPC ? at ? (300 Golds)
30 - 100 = Snoop on any others Players or any Pack Horse/Llama or other Players!