Item - Treasure Map

In Ultima Online, we can find Treasure Map and as well Treasure Chest for any Players to go on a Treasure Hunter adventure!

Treasure Map are available in the dead corpse of several monsters with a 1% chance! However, it exist 6 different Level of Treasure Map offered by different group of monsters. For sure.. higher level of Treasure Map are obtained by higher monsters!

Which Monsters carry Treasure Map

Treasure Map Level Treasure Map Name Monsters
1 Plainly Drawn Agapite Elemental, Air Elemental, Bronze Elemental, Copper Elemental, Dark Guardian, Dull Copper Elemental, Earth Elemental, Enslaved Gargoyle, Ettin, Evil Mage, Fire Gargoyle, Frost Troll, Gargoyle, Gazer, Golden Elemental, Lizardman, Mummy, Ogre, Ophidian Enforcer, Ophidian Warrior, Orc, Orcish Lord, Orcish Mage, Sea Serpent, Shadow Iron Elemental, Terathan Warrior, Troll, Valorite Elemental, Verite Elemental
2 Expertly Drawn Acid Elemental, Dark Guardian, Deep Sea Serpent, Drake, Evil Mage Lord, Fire Elemental, Ophidian Apprentice Mage, Ophidian Justicar, Ophidian Shaman, Ophidian Zealot, Ratman Mage, Reaper, Sea Serpent, Snow Elemental, Stone Gargoyle, Water Elemental, Wyvern, Kappa
3 Adeptly Drawn Arctic Ogre Lord, Cyclopean Warrior, Dark Guardian, Juka Mage, Lesser Hiryu, Lich, Meer Mage, Ogre Lord, Ophidian Avenger, Ophidian Knight-Errant, Terathan Avenger, Wanderer of the Void, Yomotsu Warrior, Raptor, Fairy Dragon, Fan Dancer, Tsuki Wolf, Minotaur
4 Cleverly Drawn Daemon, Devourer of Souls, Dragon, Efreet, Elder Gazer, Ice Fiend, Kraken, Lich Lord, Oni, Ophidian Matriarch, Sand Vortex, Serpentine Dragon, Terathan Matriarch, Wanderer of the Void, Ravager, White Wyrm
5 Deviously Drawn Abscess, Ancient Lich, Ancient Wyrm, Balron, Barracoon the Piper, Betrayer, Blood Elemental, Cu Sidhe, Ethereal Warrior, Greater Dragon, Lava Elemental, Lord Oaks, Master Theophilus, Meer Eternal, Mephitis, Miasma, Neira the Necromancer, Poison Elemental, Putrefier, Rend, Rikktor, Rotting Corpse, Semidar, Serado the Awakened, Shadow Wyrm, Silvani, Skeletal Dragon, Succubus, Titan, Yamandon
6 Ingeniously Drawn
(in a chest)
Paragon Ancient Wyrm, Paragon Balron, Paragon Betrayer, Paragon Blood Elemental, Paragon Ethereal Warrior, Paragon Greater Dragon, Paragon Meer Eternal, Paragon Poison Elemental, Paragon Rotting Corpse, Paragon Skeletal Dragon, Paragon Succubus, Paragon Titan, Miasma, Pyre, Rend, Abscess, Putrefier, Master Theophilus
Note: Treasure Map Level 6 are only available inside the Treasury Chest dropped by Paragon Monsters!