Character Skill Arms Lore

Arms Lore is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

Arms Lore can be use in 4 different ways:
- By Activating the Skill and Targeting a Weapon or Armor it will tell you the Durability, Damage and/or Poison Charge.
- In Weapon Crafting it will give +1% Damage Increase each 20 Anatomy Skill.
- In Armor Crafting it will give +1% Random Resist each 20 Anatomy Skill.
- By Activation the Skill and Targeting a Swamp Dragon with Dragon Barding it will tell you the Durability left on the Dragon Barding Armor.

Activating Arms Lore

To Activate Arms Lore Left Single Click on the Blue Diamond in the Skills Scroll List and Target any Weapon or Armor. You will then receive several message:
- Durability
- Armor Rating
- Average Damage
- Poisoning Charge


Durability of ItemMessage
100%Brand new
90%Almost new
80%Barely used, with a few nicks and scrapes
70%Fairly good condition
60%Suffered some wear and tear
50%Well used
40%Rather battered
30%Somewhat badly damaged
20%Flimsy and not trustworthy
10%Falling apart


Armor RatingMessage
31+Is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection
26 - 30Offers excellent protection
21 - 25Is a superior defense against attack
16 - 20Serves as sturdy protection
11 - 15Offers some protection against blows
6 - 10Provides very little protection
1 - 5Provides almost no protection
0Offers no defense against attackers


Average DamageMessage
26Would be extraordinarily deadly
21 - 25Would be a superior weapon
16 - 20Would inflict serious damage and pain
11 - 15Likely hurt opponent a fair amount
6 - 10Would do some damage
3 - 5Would do minimal damage
0 - 2Might scratch their opponent slightly


It appears to have poison smeared on it.

Training Arms Lore

There's 2 ways to Train Arms Lore:
- Each time you Craft a Weapon or Armor you will have a chance to raise Arms Lore except for Crafting Shields.
- You can Active Arms Lore and Target an Weapon or Armor you will have a chance to raise Arms Lore.

UOSteam Macro Train Animal Lore

Follow the instruction:
1 - In UOSteam, go into the tab Macros -> Click New -> Add a macro Name -> Click OK -> Highlight your new Macro (Name) -> Place your Mouse Cursor in the Macro Textarea section -> Paste the Macro there -> Click Save!
2 - Go to Train at New Haven City with NPC George Hephaestus The Blacksmith Instructor (400 Golds).
3 - You will need 1 Weapon or Armor in your Backpack to Train Arms Lore with!
4 - Click Play Button to Start the Macro and it will ask you to Target a Weapon or Armor to Train your Arms Lore Skill with!