Character Skill Fencing

Fencing is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's one of the Melee Weapon Skill in Ultima Online! It count to lower the Mana Cost of performing Weapon Ability Special Moves. They can be 1 or 2 Hands to Equip!

Fencing have the fastest weapon swing speed, it doesn't require a high amount of Dexterity in order to get the max Swing Speed. There 5 Poisoning Fencing Weapon!

Fencing Weapons can be Crafted with any Blacksmith Tools with the Skill Blacksmithy.

Fencing Tips

There's 8 kind of Runic Hammer Tools that can add additional Mods on your Crafted Fencing Weapon.

There's 4 kind of Ancient Smithy Hammer that can help raise your chance of success.

There's Talisman with Blacksmithy Exceptional Bonus and Blacksmithy Bonus at maximum 30% to help raise your chance of success.

There's 9 kind of Ingots that can give a Default Damage Element on your Crafted Fencing Weapon.

There's 16 kind of Recipes to Craft Special Weapon that can give a Default Mod Bonus on your Crafted Weapon.

There's 2 kind of Craftable Artifact Fencing Weapon.

Buying Fencing Weapon

Fencing weapon can be purchase at any NPC the Blacksmith and NPC the Weapon Smith in Trammel, Felucia or Tokuno.

Fencing Weapon

Weapon Name STR Req. Base Damage Weapon Speed Weigth Primary Move Secondary Move
Assassin Spike

15 10 - 12 2s 4 Infectious Strike
Shadow Strike

10 10 - 11 2s 1 Infectious Strike
Shadow Strike
Double Bladed Staff

50 12 - 13 2.25s 2 Double Strike
Infectious Strike
Elven Spellblade

35 12 - 14 2.5s 5 Psychic Attack
Bleed Attack

15 9 - 11 2s 7 Whirlwind Attack
Defense Mastery

10 10 - 12 2s 2 Armor Ignore
Infectious Strike

65 16 - 18 3.5s 12 Defense Mastery
Frenzied Whirlwind

95 17 - 18 4.5s 12 Dismount
Concussion Blow

20 13 - 15 2.75s 8 Feint
Armor Ignore

50 14 - 16 3s 8 Paralyzing Blow
Infectious Strike

55 13 - 14 2.5s 11 Bleed Attack

15 9 - 11 2s 7 Block
Armor Pierce

50 13 - 15 2.75s 7 Armor Ignore
Paralyzing Blow

10 10 - 12 2s 5 Dual Wield
Talon Strike
War Cleaver

15 9 - 11 2.25s 10 Disarm
War Fork

45 12 - 13 2.5s 9 Bleed Attack

Acquiring Runic Hammer Tool's

To Acquire Runic Hammer Tool's, you have to do the complete the right Blacksmithy Bulk Order Deed and collect the Reward from the NPC!
There's 8 kind of Runic Hammer Tool's:
- Dull Copper
- Shadow
- Copper
- Bronze
- Golden
- Agapite
- Verite
- Valorite

Crafting Fencing Weapon with Runic Hammer Tool's

When you Craft a Fencing Weapon with any Runic Hammer Tool's, you can add additional Mods on them:

- Hit Lightning or Hit Fireball or Hit Magic Arrow or Hit Harm to 50%
- Hit Physical Area or Hit Fire Area or Hit Cold Area or Hit Poison Area or Hit Energy Area to 50%
- Hit Lower Attack to 50%
- Hit Lower Defense to 50%
- Hit Life Leech to 50%
- Hit Mana Leech to 50%
- Hit Stamina Leech to 50%
- Spell Challenging -1
- Faster Casting 1
- Damage Increase to 50%
- Mage Weapon to -20
- Swing Speed Increase to 30%
... (need to check all the available list) ...

Training Fencing

0 - 40 = Train your Fencing Skill at New Haven with the NPC Recaro the Fencing Instructor! (400 Golds) and take he's Quest - En Guarde!!
40 - 120 = Equip any Fencing Weapon and Attack any Mobile!

Some Technique:
- Using a Fencing Weapon without any Damage Increase to too very low on a Tamed Cu Sidhe of your Friend or your own second Account can be good because Cu Sidhe can heal herself!

- Using the Skill Ninjitsu and casting the spell Mirror Image and attack the image, need to be in Felucia or in a Guild!