Character Basic Insurance

In Ultima Online all Character can Insure Items and have a Insurance Menu! Insurance mean that you can Insure a Item and when you die those Insured Items will remain into your Character Backpack.

Insuring a Item will cost 600gp Gold per Item!

Normally when a Character Die, all his remaining items will drop into his Dead Corpse! But if your Items are Insured, they will remain into your Character Backpack.

When you die and you have selected to Auto Re-Insure Items, you will lose the amount of Gold to Re-Insure all Items.

Dying by another Player will cost you 50% Gold to Re-Insure Items and the Player who kill you will receive this amount of Gold.
Dying by any Monsters, Animals, NPCs will cost you 100% Gold to Re-Insure Items.

The amount of Gold is taken from your Bank Box, but if you have no more money into your Bank Box to Re-Insure your Items, they will be Re-Insure anymore! SO Watch OUT to not dye again, because all your items will drop into your Dead Corpse!!!

Insured Item cannot be Steal by other Character!

Not Insurable Items

There's some Items that cannot be Insured:
- Stackable Items like Reagents, Potions, Bola, Fruits, Meats, Arrows & Bolts, etc..
- Cursed Items like Power Scroll, Stat Power Scroll

How to Insure Item

There's 2 different way to Insure your Item:

With Item Insurance Menu

- Single Left Click on your Character to Open the Character Menu and Select Open Item Insurance Menu

With Toggle Item Insurance

- Single Left Click on your Character to Open the Character Menu and Select Toggle Item Insurance, a Targeting Cursor will Appear, Target any Item you would like to Insure!

Blessed Item

There's another way to keep your Item safe into your Character Backpack when you die, by Blessing them! Blessed Item doesn't cost any Gold when you die are don't need to be Re-Blessed when dying. To Bless a Item you need a Clothing Bless Deed acquired from Tailoring Bulk Order Deed as Reward.

Since the Update of September 6, 2014: Auto renew insurance is now turned on by default for new characters.