Item Armor Carpentry Woodland

Carpentry Woodland Armor is an Armor of 5 pieces!

Woodland Armor are not Medable and can be only wear by the Character Race Elf!! It need to have the Item Mods - Mage Armor in order to be considered as a Medable Armor!

Exceptional Crafted Armor will receive randomly 15 additional Resist Points!

Character Skill Arms Lore when Craft Armor will receive randomly 1 additional Resist Points each 20 Arms Lore, for a total of 5 additional Resist Points at 100 Arms Lore!

Runic Dovetail Saw can add additional Item Mods!

Colored Boards can add additional Item Mods!

The Durability of each Woodland Armor can be increased with Powder of Fortifying to a Maximum of 255!

When using Colored Boards, it will keep the color of the Resources used when Crafting!

At 100 Carpentry, it can hold the Crafted Mark Character Name!

Woodland Armor Base Resists

Physical Resist
Fire Resist
Cold Resist
Poison Resist
Energy Resist
Total Resist Medable Elf Only
5 3 2 3 2 15 No Yes

Woodland Armors

TypeEquipment SlotSkill CarpentryBoardsBarkStrength RequireStonesFemale Only
Woodland Arms
Woodland Chest
Woodland Gauntlets
Woodland Leggings
Woodland Gorget