Location Map Trammel

In Ultima Online the Map Trammel is the most visited Map, because when we start a new Character we have to choose a Location from that Map! Normally we start at the City - New Haven!

In Trammel there's many Cities, Dungeons, Forests, Oceans, Deserts, Swamps, Cemeteries and Players Houses all around the Map!

Trammel have another Map attached to it! It's called T2A (The Lost Lasts). Felucca too!

Note: Trammel is a Map with the Rules of NO PvP! Player will not be able to attack each other, except if they are in the same Guild or in a Guild War!

Trammel is considered as a Peaceful Map! Players who like to PvM, Role-Playing and other thing without the fear of being attacked by other murderer!


Trammel Cities

There's 16 Cities in the Map Trammel that can be visited by any Character!

- Britain
- Buccaneer's Den
- Cove
- New Haven
- Heartwood
- Jhelom
- New Magincia
- Minoc
- Moonglow
- Nujel'm
- Serpent's Hold
- Skara Brae
- Trinsic
- Vesper
- Wind
- Yew

Trammel Dungeons

There's 14 Dungeons in the Map Trammel that can be visited by any Character!

- Blighted Grove
- Covetous
- Deceit
- Despise
- Destard
- Hythloth
- Orc Cave
- Painted Caves
- Prism of Light
- Sanctuary
- Shame
- Solen Hives
- Wind
- Wrong

Trammel T2A Cities

There's 2 Cities in the Map Trammel T2A that can be visited by any Character!

- Delucia
- Papua

Trammel T2A Dungeons

- Britain Sewers
- Delucia Passage
- Fire Dungeon
- Ice Dungeon
- Palace of Paroxysmus
- Terathan Keep Underground

Trammel Cemeteries

- Britain
- Cove
- Jhelom
- Moonglow
- Nujel'm
- Vesper
- Yew

Trammel T2A Cemeteries

- City of the Dead
- Fire Dungeon