Character Skill Spirit Speak

Spirit Speak is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

Spirit Speak can be use in 3 different ways:
- Raise the Spell Damage of Necromancy Spell.
- Give the ability to Hear what Dead Players say.
- By Activating the Skill it will attempt to Heal the Character.

Spirit Speak Spell Damage Increase

Spirit Speak raise the Damage done by many Necromancy Spell! Those are:
- Pain Spike
- Poison Strike
- Strangle
- Wither

Activating Spirit Speak

To Activate Spirit Speak, open your Skills Gump Menu (ALT + K) or Single Left Click on SKILLS Button in your Character Paperdoll, go to the section Magic and open it, by either:
- Click on the Blue Button left to Spirit Speak Skill.
- Single Left Click Hold, Drag away to get the Spirit Speak Gump Button and Double Click it.

When Activating, the Character will start Spirit Speak by saying the mantra: "Anh Mi Sah Ko"! It block the Character to move and it require 1 second of Delay to Cast Spirit Speak, during this 1 second it can be disrupted by other opponent! It will consume 10 Mana but if there's any dead corpse 3 tiles around, it will consume the remaining life of the dead corpse and the Mana cost will be 0! Then your Character will gain Hit Points! There's a Cooldown Delay of 5 Seconds before re-activating Spirit Speak!

Each Skill Point of Spirit Speak give percentage of chance to successfully cast Spirit Speak!
- At 100 Spirit Speak is 100% Chance!

Formula for Hit Points:
Min = 1 + (int)(SpiritSpeak * 0.25)
Max = Min + 4
Caster.Hits += RandomMinMax( Min, Max )

Spirit SpeakMinimum/Maximum Heal

Necromancy Spell Summon Familiar

Spirit Speak unlock Creature in the Necromancy Spell Summon Familiar!

Necromancy & Spirit SpeakUnlock Familiar
30Horde Minion
50Shadow Wisp
60Dark Wolf
80Death Adder
100Vampire Bat

Ghost Hear & Speak

Spirit Speak give the ability to Hear & Speak with Dead Players (Ghost)!

Having 100 Spirit Speak or more give the ability to Hear what other Dead Players say, instead of "oOo oOOo"!

If Dead and having 100 Spirit Speak or more, other Players will see what you say instead of "oOo oOOo"!

Training Spirit Speak

0 - 40 = Train your Spirit Speak Skill at New Haven with the NPC Morganna the Spirit Speak Instructor! (400 Golds) And take he's Quest for a Acceleration until 50 Spirit Speak! (Reward: Bag of Necromancer Reagents [50 each])
40 - 120 = Active Spirit Speak