Character Skill Taste Identification

Taste Identification is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

Its a skill that can taste any Foods for telling if the Foods is Poisoned with a Poison! Can taste Potions or Potion Kegs but we already know the Poison. It's considered a Use Less Skills!

Activating Taste Identification

To Activate Item Identification Left Single Click on the Blue Diamond in the Skills Scroll List, you will receive a Target Cursor with the message: "What would you like to taste?", Target any Foods, Potions or Potion Kegs. You Character will Roll a Chance to Identify if there's Poison of the Targeted Item.

Successful Message:
With Poison: It appears to have poison smeared on it.
Without Poison: You detect nothing unusual about this substance.

Failure Message:
You cannot discern anything about this substance.

Target Mobile:
You feel that such an action would be inappropriate.

Target a Potion:
You already know what kind of potion that is.

Target a Potion Kegs:
Empty: There is nothing in the keg to taste!
With Potion: You are already familiar with this keg's contents.

The target is not Foods or Potions or Potion Kegs:
That's not something you can taste.

There's a Cooldown Delay of 10 Seconds before re-use Taste Identification!

Training Taste Identification

0 - 30: Train your Taste Identification Skill at ?? with the NPC ??! (?? Golds)
30 - 100 = Use Taste Identification on any Foods, Potions or Potion Kegs and Repeat!