Location Map Ilshenar

In Ultima Online the Map Ilshenar is the where Paragon live and 4 Champion Spawn Altars.

In Ilshenar there's many Cities, Dungeons, Forests, Deserts, Swamps all around the Map!

Note: Ilshenar is a Map with the Rules of NO PvP! Player will not be able to attack each other, except if they are in the same Guild or in a Guild War!

Ilshenar is considered as a Peaceful Map! Players who like to PvM, Role-Playing and other thing without the fear of being attacked by other murderer!

Ilshenar have restrictive access! It doesn't allow any Character to use the Magery Spell Mark to Mark a Blank Rune inside Ilshenar, so the Magery Spell Gate Travel or Recall and the Chivalry Spell Sacred Journey cannot be used to go inside Ilshenar BUT any Character can go out of Ilshenar by using the Magery Spell Recall or the Chivalry Spell Sacred Journey, the Magery Spell Gate Travel cannot be use!


Ilshenar Cities

There's 2 Cities in the Map Ilshenar that can be visited by any Character!

- Ver Lor Reg
- Lakeshire

Ilshenar Dungeons

There's 14 Dungeons in the Map Trammel that can be visited by any Character!

- Ancient Citadel
- Ancient Lair
- Ankh Dungeon
- Blood Dungeon
- Exodus Dungeon
- Lizard Passage
- Rat Cave
- Rock Dungeon
- Sorcerers Dungeon
- Spectre Dungeon
- Spider Cave
- Twisted Weald
- Wisp Dungeon
- Wyrm Mountain

Ilshenar Champion Spawn Altars

There's 4 Champions Spawn Altars in the Map Ilshenar that can be visited by any Character!

Note: No Power Scroll and Champion Skulls are given when completing any Champion Spawn Altars, but can win any Champion Artifact and Scrolls of Transcendence between 0.1 to 0.5!

- Spirituality Champion Spawn (Lord Oaks) - Northeast of Spirituality Moongate
- Humility Champion Spawn (Random) - Northeast of Humility Moongate
- Valor Champion Spawn (Random) - Southwest of Valor Moongate
- Twisted Glade Spawn (Twaulo of the Glade) - Inside Twisted Weald

Ilshenar Public Moongates

There's 9 Public Moongates in the Map Ilshenar that can be used by any Character!

- Compassion
- Honesty
- Honor
- Humility
- Justice
- Sacrifice
- Spirituality
- Valor
- Chaos