Character Skill Musicianship

Musicianship is one of the Skill that any Characters can raise.

It's the art of Musician! It allow to successfully play an Instrument. 1 of the 4 Bard Skill!

Musicianship help with other 3 Bard Skill: Discordance, Peacemaking or Provocation!

It allow Character to use the Fire Horn.

In order to use Musicianship, it require to use any Instrument. Double Left Click on the Instrument to start playing it!

Obtain Instrument

Instrument can be obtained by 2 ways:
- Purchase from NPC: Carpenter
- Crafted with the Skill Carpentry

Note: It exist several Artifact that are an Instrument: Minor Arty, Lesser Treasury of Tokuno and Peerless Reward!

Train Musicianship

There's 2 ways to train Musicianship:
- By Playing Instrument
- By using the Skill: Discordance, Peacemaking or Provocation

0 - 30 = Train by NPC Bard
30 - 100 = Play any Instrument