Character Virtue Justice

The Virtue Justice is considered in PVP and Power Scrolls! Gaining Virtue Point is by killing other Murderers. Justice can give the ability to a Blue Character to become a Protector of other Character and been a Protector will allow to copy the number of Power Scrolls a Character get at Champion Spawns! Any Blue or Red Character can gain in Justice, but only Blue can use the benefit of it!

Gaining Justice

To gain Justice Point, you have to kill another Red Character that attack you first! You can only gain Justice Point on other Red Character that didn't die withing 24 hours server time!


A Blue Character can Protect other Character in Felucia and then become his Protector! Being a Protector give the Ability to Copy the received Power Scrolls that the Protects Character receive! To receive the Copy, the Protector have be Online, not Criminal, being Blue (under 5 Kills), in the same Facet withing 200 tiles that his Protected Character are fighting the Champions Boss (if in Felucia, in any Dungeon into Felucia withing 200 tiles, if in T2A, anywhere into T2A withing 200 tiles) and not fighting the Champion Boss!

To become a Protector:
- Only Blue Character can use the Virtue Justice
- You must be at the level Seeker of Justice to Protect other Blue Character
- You can only target other Blue Character
- Both of Blue Character have to be in the Felucia Facet
- The targeting Blue Character have to Accept the asking Protector

Open your Virtue Gump Menu and Double Left Click on the Justice Virtue and them Target any other Blue Character! The other Blue Character will receive a Gump Message that ask to Accept or Cancel the Protection from the other Character! If the other Blue Character Accept you will now become he's Protector!

Note: A Blue Character can Protect another Blue Character even if this Blue Character will become a Red in the future.. If the Protected Character never Cancel his Protector, he will keep is Protector!

Chance to Copy the Power Scrolls:
Seeker: 60%
Follower: 80%
Knight: 100%

When receiving the Power Scrolls Copy, they will appear into your Main Character Backpack and you will see the system message: You have been rewarded for your dedication to Justice!

Formula of Justice Gain Point:
PointsToGain = Total Character GameTime in Seconds * 4 [Integer drop decimal]
PointsToGain = Square(PointsToGain)
PointsToGain = PointsToGain * 5
PointsToGain = (TargetTotalSkillPower / 250) Power 2 [Integer drop decimal]

Example with 7 Days of Total Character GameTime:
TotalCharacterGameTimeInSeconds = 7 Days * 24 * 60 * 60 = 604800
604800 * 4 = 2419200
Square(2419200) = 1555
1555 * 5 = 7775
7200 / 250 = 28.8 (7200 is the Total Skill Point)
28.8 ^ 2 = 829
7775 + 829 = 8604
Gain 8604 Justice Points

Example with 30 Days of Total Character GameTime:
TotalCharacterGameTimeInSeconds = 30 Days * 24 * 60 * 60 = 2592000
2592000 * 4 = 10368000
Square(10368000) = 3219
3219 * 5 = 16095
7200 / 250 = 28.8 (7200 is the Total Skill Point)
28.8 ^ 2 = 829
16095 + 829 = 16924
Gain 16924 Justice Points

Brief Informations

Maximum Justice = 21000
To get Knight of Justice = Kill 1 or 2 Reds
Lost Point Delay = 7 Days
Lost Point = 950
Benefits = Protector get 100% the Copy of Power Scroll of Stat Power Scroll
Raise Justice = Blue and Red Character
Benefit Justice Bonus = Blue Character