Character Virtue Valor

The Valor Virtue is considered with Champion Spawn! It give the ability to Reset a Champion Spawn Altar or Add 1 Red Candle to a Champion Spawn. To raise Valor Point, you need to Kill any Monsters in a Champion Spawn Area!

Gaining Valor

To gain Valor Point, you have to Kill any Monsters in the Champion Spawn Area! Depending on the Level the Champion Altar:
- Level 1 = 40 Points
- Level 2 = 80 Points
- Level 3 = 120 Points
- Level 4 = 160 Points

Killing the Champion Boss will give 800 Valor Points!

Valoring Champion Spawn Altar

There's 2 situation when Valoring a Champion Spawn Altar, when it's Active or when it's on Cooldown!


If you Valor a Champion Spawn Altar that is already Active, you will Add 1 Red Candle. It's best to Add 1 Red Candle if there's no White Candle! Depending on the Current Champion Spawn Altar Level it will cost:
- Level 1: Need 2500 Valor Point and Consume 2500 Valor Point
- Level 2: Need 5000 Valor Point and Consume 5000 Valor Point
- Level 3: Need 10000 Valor Point and Consume 7500 Valor Point
- Level 4: Need 20000 Valor Point and Consume 10000 Valor Point


If you Valor a Champion Spawn Altar that is in Cooldown, you will Reset the Timer and Re-Start the Champion Spawn!
Only Knight of Valor can Re-Start a Champion Spawn Altar and it consume 11000 Valor Point.

Cannot Valor in Hidden Mode!

Brief Informations

Maximum Valor = 21000
To get Knight of Valor = ?? Monsters to Kill (Doing 1 Champion Spawn Completely will Raise to Knight)
Gain Valor Point = 800 When Finishing a Champion Boss
Loss Amount = 250
Loss Delay = 7 Days
Benefits = 1 Red Candle to Champion Altar
Raise Compassion = Blue and Red Character
Benefit Compassion Bonus = Blue Character