Character Virtue Sacrifice

The Sacrifice Virtue is considered with Fame! By Sacrificing all your Character Fame on particular Full Hit Points Monsters will raise your Sacrifice Virtue Point. Sacrifice Virtue will give you the ability to Resurrect yourself 1,2 or 3 times each week depending on your Level. When you Resurrect yourself with Sacrifice Virtue all your remaining items will be given back into your Character Backpack, but if somebody looted your items before your get Resurrected they will belong to this new owner. Your Item will not come back if you pass a serverline (like going outside of a dungeon, changing world, etc..). Only Blue Character can raise and benefit of Sacrifice Virtue!

Gaining Sacrifice

To gain Sacrifice Point, you have to Sacrificing your Fame, in order to Sacrifice your Fame, you have to be at least in Character Reputation "Great". The higher your Character Reputation is the more Sacrifice Point you will hear. To Sacrifice your Fame, Open your Virtue Gump Menu and Double Left Click on the Sacrifice Virtue and them Target Full Hit Points Demon, Enslave Gargoyle, Evil Mage, Gargoyle Enforcer, Lich or Succubus. The Strongest the Monster your Sacrifice your Fame on the more you gain.

When you Sacrifice your Fame, there is a cooldown period of 24 hours before your can Re-Sacrifice your Fame!

List of Sacrificial Monsters

- Daemon (15000 Fame) | +2000 Sacrifice Points
- Enslaved Gargoyle (3500 Fame) | +500 Sacrifice Points
- Evil Mage (2500 Fame) | +500 Sacrifice Points
- Gargoyle Enforcer (5000 Fame) | +500 Sacrifice Points
- Lich (8000 Fame) | +1000 Sacrifice Points
- Succubus (24000 Fame) | +2000 Sacrifice Points

Sacrifice Self Resurrect Bonus

When you are dead, you can use the Sacrifice Virtue to Self Resurrect yourself! Depending on your Level, you can use your Self Resurrect each Week!
- Seeker of Sacrifice (Level 1): 1 Self Resurrect
- Follower of Sacrifice (Level 2): 2 Self Resurrect
- Knight of Sacrifice (Level 3): 3 Self Resurrect

Bref Informations

Sacrifice Fame Cooldown Delay = 24 Hours
Maximum Sacrifice = 22000
To get Knight of Sacrifice with 2000 (on Daemon or Succubus) per Sacrifice Fame = 11 (11 Days)
Loss Amount = 500
Loss Delay = 7 Days
Benefits = 3 Self Resurrection per Week for Knight of Sacrifice
Raise Compassion = Blue Character
Benefit Compassion Bonus = Blue Character