Character Virtue Compassion

The Compassion Virtue is considered for Escorting NPC to a town they request. Those NPC are the Town NPC, Prisoner NPC or Bravehorn NPC! When you find them, you will have to take hes Escort Quest and Escort him to the requested destination town. Compassion Virtue will give you the ability to Increase the Percentage 20%, 40% or 80% of Hit Points you give back when your Resurrect another Player depending on your Level. Very useful in PvP to avoid Res-killing! Blue and Red Character can raise and benefit the Compassion Virtue! Red cannot open their Virtue Gump Menu, but you can use or ask a Blue Character to open your Virtue Gump Menu to check the current Level you are at!

Gaining Compassion

To gain Compassion Point, you have to Escort NPC's, in order to Escort NPC, you have to find them and when you see them, Double Left Click on them to Open the Quest Gump Menu and Accept his Escort Quest. You will have to Escort the NPC to the requested destination. The best way to escort is by using the Magery Gate Travel Spell. When arrived to destination, the Escort NPC will reward you Compassion Point (200 for Town NPC and Bravehorn or 400 for Prisoner NPC) and 500 Golds. A Cooldown Delay of 5 Minutes will begin for allow you to do another Escort Quest. There's a maximum of 5 Escort Quest per Day!

Finding Escort NPC

- Town NPC: in any Town
- Prisoner NPC: at Ice Island (South-East Island Corner), Yew Orc Cave (South-East of Yew City)
- Bravehorn Quest Giver: at South of Maze South-East Corner
All available in Trammel or Felucia

Escort Location

- Britain
- Cove
- Jhelom
- Magicia
- Minoc
- Shara
- Trinsic
- Vesper
- Yew

Compassion Resurrect Bonus

- Seeker of Compassion (Level 1): Restore 20% Hit Points
- Follower of Compassion (Level 2): Restore 40% Hit Points
- Knight of Compassion (Level 3): Restore 80% Hit Points

Brief Informations

Escort Quest Gain = 200 for town NPC or Bravehorn and 400 for Prisoner
Escort Quest Cooldown Delay = 5 Minutes
Maximum Escort Quest Per Day = 5
Maximum Compassion = 21000
To get Knight of Compassion with 200 per Quest = 105 Quests (21 Days)
To get Knight of Compassion with 400 per Quest = 53 Quests (11 Days)
Loss Amount = 500
Loss Delay = 7 Days
Benefits = 80% HP When you Ressurect another Player
Raise Compassion = Blue and Red Character
Benefit Compassion Bonus = Blue and Red Character