Christmas Town 2016

Currently Close!!! - It's a Special Event Town made by the GM's of UODemise for the season of Christmas!

For the year 2016, it was open during the 18 December 2016 to 2 January 2017.

The information you see below are from 2016, 2015 and 2014! More info will be added as soon as I collect more!

I'm trying to separate the 2016 information from previous years!

All Loots Items that is written it's either received by me (Spok), Will or Pumpkin as well as shared by other Players! Some Boss do not have alot Items because we didn't get any item or no one share with me what they get!

Feel free to contact me by Email at: " " for any Informations, Screenshots, Loots, Items, Tips, Secrets you know! Let's make every UODemise Players informed about the Christmas Town!

Main Area (Map 1)

#1 = Entry to Map 2, Fictional Wardrobe
#2 = Entry to Map 5, A Puzzling Gift Box
#3 = Entry to Map 7, an Illegible Gravestone
#4 = Entry to Map 11, A Christmas Carol
#5 = Entry to Map 12, A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole
#6 = Entry to Map 13, Magical Cookbook, Written By Mad Mage Kronos
#G = Exit Gate to Festival Ground

Fictional Wardrobe (Map 2)

#1 = Exit to Map 1, 3 Tiles
#2 = Entry to Map 3, 3 Tiles

Snow Castle (Map 3)

#1 = Exit to Map 2, 1 Tile
#2 = White Witches Sacrificial Dagger
#3 = Exit to Map 3, Little House
#4 = Entry to Map 4, a Hole

Snow Castle Basement (Map 4)

#1 = Exit to Map 3, Switch

Inside Christmas Gift Box (Map 5)

#1 = Exit to Map 1, Sparkle
#2 = Entry to Map 6, 1 Tile
#3 = Exit to Map 1, Sparkle

Inside Christmas Star Chamber (Map 6)

#1 = Exit to Map 5, Sparkle

Cemetery (Map 7)

#1 = Exit to Map 1, an Illegible Gravestone
#2 = Entry to Map 8, A Strange Statue
#3 = Entry to Map 9, A Strange Statue
#4 = Entry to little house, metal door
#5 = Drop Rudolph Quest Items, Cauldron

Cemetery Left Dungeon (Map 8)

#1 = Exit to Map 7, Stair

Cemetery Right Dungeon (Map 9)

#1 = Exit to Map 7, Stair

Rudolph Room (Map 10)

#1 = Exit to Map 7,

Christmas Carol Street (Map 11)

#1 = Act Entry, Book Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3
#2 = Exit to Map 1, 2 Tiles
#3 = Act 1 Entry Room, Wooden Doors
#4 = Exit Act 1, 2 Tiles
#5 = Exit Act 2, 1 Tile
#6 = Act 3 Entry Room, Wooden Doors
#7 = Exit Act 3, 2 Tiles

Special Champion Spawn (Map 12)

#1 = Exit to Map 1, Sparkle
#2 = Champion Spawn Entry, 2 Tiles
#3 = Treasury Goblin, Gate that Teleport into middle of Champion Altar

Felucca Area (Map 13)

#1 = Exit to Map 1, Sparkle
#2 = Quest Giver,
#3 = Exit to Map 13

Christmas Town Boss

Each Boss give different Items when killing them! Those Items are mostly Special House Decoration (rare), ML Arty, LToT, Special Hair or Bread Dye, Free Hair Coupon, A Flower Tapestry Deed Facing South, 15k Check, PS 110 or 115 and Golds Rain (like Champion Spawn Boss).

- Santa Claws (Santa Claws House)
- The Grinch (Snow Hut)
- Maugrim (Fictional Wardrobe > Snow Castle)
- The White Witch (Fictional Wardrobe > Snow Castle > Basement)
- Christmas Angel (A Puzzling Gift Box > Inside Christmas Star Chamber)
- The Memory Of Your Tormented Past (A Christmas Carol > Act 1)
- The Image Of Your Despicable Present (A Christmas Carol > Act 2)
- The potential horror of your future self (A Christmas Carol > Act 3)
- Special Christmas Town Champion Spawn (Santa Claws House > A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole)
- Rudolph (an Illegible Gravestone > Special Christmas Town Peerless)
- Gingerbread Man (Little Old Women House > Magical Cookbook, Written By Mad Mage Kronos > Gingerbread House)

Christmas Town Area

Each Area give different Items when killing monsters!
- Main Area - Potted Coffee Plant, Gingerbread Cookie, Green Candy Cane [Any Monsters] & Bulk Order Cover (Multiple Colors) [A Crazed Overworked Elf (who use Chivalry)]
- Snow Castle - Wrapped Candy, Gingerbread Cookie
- Snow Castle Basement
- Inside Christmas Gift Box - ??
- Inside Christmas Star Chamber - Mistletoe Deed, Gingerbread Cookie
- Cemetery - ??
- Cemetery Left Dungeon - Display Case (South)
- Cemetery Right Dungeon - Display Case (South)
- Christmas Carol Street - ??
- Act 1 - A Fireworks Wand
- Act 2
- Act 3 - ??
- Special Champion Spawn
- Felucca Area

Christmas Town NPC Quests

There's ?1? NPC Quests available in the Christmas Town!

A Hungry Fox

The NPC Quest Giver - A Sly And Hungry Fox offer the Quest - A Hungry Fox! He is located in the Felucca Area at the West!

When you find him, Double Left Click on him to open the Quest Gump.

Quest - A Hungry Fox
Say, you! You wouldn't happen to have a snack for a hungry fox like myself?

What, you've never seen a talking fox before? That's the least of your worries if you're looking to cross this river.

I'll tell you what, if you bring me a particular snack of personal interest, I will teleport you across the icy river! Aren't you curious to see what lies beyond the mountain pass?

Obtain 1 Gingerbread Cookie

Passage across the river

What To Do:
A Sly And Hungry Fox request to obtain 1x Gingerbread Cookie! It can be Cook with the Skill Cooking, but it require to learn the Recipe, also it can be obtain by killing any Monster/Animal in the Main Area, Snow Castle & Inside the Christmas Star Chamber (maybe other location too)! Drop directly into your Character Backpack!

When you have all the 1x Gingerbread Cookie, Single Left Click on your Character -> Click Toggle Quest Item -> Target 1x Gingerbread Cookie. (it will change color to orange)
Go back talk to A Sly And Hungry Fox, Double Left Click on A Sly And Hungry Fox to deliver 1x Gingerbread Cookie -> Click Continue in the Gump Quest - A Hungry Fox to collect your reward! Your Character will teleport over the icy river!