Christmas Town - 2016 - Krampus

The Krampus is the Special Champion of Christmas Town located in the A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole at the Santa Claws house in the Main Area!


He's located at the A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole!


- Rumor: Christmas Gift Box with the 5 Earring
- Codex of Virtue
- Santa Statue
- Coal
- Djinni's Ring
- Gold Rain

- Djinni's Ring
- Santa Statue
- Potted Silver Sapling Replica
- Coal

Replica: ML Glasses

How to fight at the Special Champion Spawn

- Double Left Click on the "A Snowy Scene Of The North Pole":

(In Santa Claws Home)

Each Champion Altar are Random between: Barracoon, Mephitis, Neira, Rikktor, Semidar and Special Christmas Town*

*Special Christmas Town Altar
Level 1 = a Ice Snake, a Frost Spider
Level 2 = a Deadly Snow Bunny, a Ice Elemental
Level 3 = a Ice Field, a Snow Elemental
Level 4 = a White Wyrm, an Artic Ogre Lord
Champion Boss = Krampus