Christmas Town - 2016 - Cemetery


The Cemetery (Map 7) is located by entering the an Illegible Gravestone from the Main Area.

In the Cemetery area, we can find the 2 Dungeons and the Cauldron to drop the Special Christmas Peerless Keys.

an Illegible Gravestone

- Double Left Click on the "an Illegible Gravestone".

- In this area you will be able to grab on ground the A Rapidly Rotting Brain or in those 2 new dungeons.
- To enter those 2 new dungeons, Double Left Click on the "A Strange Statue".

Left Side

- A Rapidly Rotting Body:

- A Rapidly Rotting Leg:

Right Side

- A Rapidly Rotting Entrails:

- A Rapidly Rotting Head:

- A Rapidly Rotting Full Set:

- To get the Key (Rudolph's Red Nose) to fight Rudolph the Rapidly Rotting Reindeer, you have to put all 5 pieces into the Cauldron in the little house. To enter the house Double Left Click the door. You will receive 3x Rudolph's Red Nose.

- Make a Party, because Rodulph he's very strong. Need at least 1 Greater Dragon with 2 peoples healing it. When ready... Double Left Click one of the Keys and Accept (other's poeple will need to Accept for entre).