Necromancy Spell Wraith Form

Wraith Form

Rel Xen Um
Transforms the Caster into an ethereal Wraith, lowering some Elemental Resists, while increasing their Physical resist. Wraith Form also allows the caster to always succeed when using the Recall spell, and causes a Mana Drain effect when hitting enemies. Caster remains in this form until they recast the Wraith Form spell.


+15 Physical, -5 Fire and -5 Energy Resist. Walk through people in Felucca without losing stamina/being revealed. Can cast the Magery Spell Recall 100%. Immunity to Bleed Attack. Leech Mana when Hitting or Casting.

Minimum Requirements for Casting

Note: Need 20 Necromancy!

Mana Cost

Lower Mana Cost0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%
Mana Cost1716.1515.314.4513.612.7511.911.0510.2
Note: Need 17 Mana! Mana Cost is not a decimal number, ex: 3.8 = 3, 3.2 = 3!

Casting Delay

Faster Casting-6-5-4-3-2-1012
Casting Second(s)3.503.2532.752.502.252.01.751.50
Note: Under Magery Protection Spell Effect -2 Faster Casting, Under Spellweaving Essence of Wind Spell Effect -6 Faster Casting!


Nox CrystalPig Iron
Note: The Character Mods Lower Reagent Cost can remove the Reagent Consumption!