Necromancy Spell Blood Oath

Blood Oath

In Jux Mani Xen
Temporarily creates a dark pact between the Caster and the Target. Any damage dealt by the Target to the Caster is increased, but the Target receives the same amount of damage.


Each Damage the Target do to the Caster will be receive. If the Target have Resist Spell the Damage can be resisted!

Minimum Requirements for Casting

Note: Need 20 Necromancy!

Mana Cost

Lower Mana Cost0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%
Mana Cost1312.3511.711.0510.49.759.18.457.8
Note: Need 13 Mana! Mana Cost is not a decimal number, ex: 3.8 = 3, 3.2 = 3!

Casting Delay

Faster Casting-6-5-4-3-2-1012
Casting Second(s)32.752.502.2521.751.501.251
Note: Under Magery Protection Spell Effect -2 Faster Casting, Under Spellweaving Essence of Wind Spell Effect -6 Faster Casting!


Daemon Blood
Note: The Character Mods Lower Reagent Cost can remove the Reagent Consumption!


Duration = ((Caster.SpiritSpeak - Target.ResistSpell) / 8) + 8 Secondes
Percentage of Damage Resisted = ((Target.ResistSpell * 10) / 20) + 10 = %