Mobile Peerless

In Ultima Online you can find Peerless! They were introduced with the expansion Mondain's Legacy. Peerless Monster are very strong! They spawn in various ML Dungeons but in order to fight them you will have to complete a Quest or Collecting Keys by killing some monsters!

When a Peerless die it can give:
- a chance to receive a Crimson Cincture!
- a chance to receive a Peerless Artifact (There's many roll for multiple kind of Artifact)!
- a ML Artifact (Randomly, it give the Human version of certain ML Artifact instead of Elf Only)!
- 1 Unique Peerless Ingredient!
- 8 Peerless Ingredient (Randomly)!
(All items are inside the dead body corpse of the Peerless)

List of Peerless

Lady Melisande
Blighted Grove
Dryad's CurseUnique Ingredient:
- Diseased Bark

Unique Items:
- Melisandes Fermented Wine
- Eternally Corrupt Tree (24 colors)
- Hair Dye (26 colors)
- An albino squirrel imprisoned in a crystal
- Melisande's Corroded Hatchet
Dread Horn
Twisted Weald
Essences of the WindUnique Ingredient:
- Dread Horn Mane

Unique Items:
- Pristine Dread Horn
- Dread Horn Tainted Mushroom
- Mangled Head of Dread Horn
- Horn of Dread Horn
- Dread's Revenge
- Dread Flute
Shimmering Effusion
Prism of Light
Prismatic CrystalUnique Ingredient:
- Captured Essence

Unique Items:
- Shimmering Crystals (Several Type)
- Corporeal Brume Statuette
- Mantra Effervescence Statuette
- Fetid Essence Statuette
- Shimmering Effusion Statuette
- A ferret imprisoned in a crystal
- Crystalline Ring
The Citadel
Black Order KeyUnique Ingredient:
- Eye of the Travesty

Unique Items:
- Tragic Remains Of The Travesty (Several Type)
- Travesty's Collection Of Shells
- Travesty's Fine Teakwood Tray
- Travesty's Sushi Preparation
- An Imprisoned Dog
- Mark of Travesty (Several Combination Skills)
Monstrous Interred Grizzle
Master KeyUnique Ingredient:
- Grizzled Bones

Unique Items:
- Tombstone Of The Damned (Several Type)
- Grizzled Skull Collection
- Grizzled Mare Statuette
- Glob of Monsterous Grizzle
- Monsterous Interred Grizzle Maggots
- Monstrous Interred Grizzle Armor Set
Chief Paroxysmus
Palace of Paroxysmus
Slimy OintmentUnique Ingredient:
- Lard of Paroxysmus

Unique Items:
- Paroxysmus' Dinner
- Paroxysmus Corroded Stein
- Sweat of Paroxysmus
- String of Parts of Paroxymus' Victims
- Paroxysmus Swamp Dragon Statuette
- Scepter of the Chief