Location - Champion Altar - Minotaur Spawn

The Champion Altar - Minotaur Spawn is the Champion of Minotaur! It's always available at the Labyrinth Dungeon and cannot be randomly Activate in T2A/Lost Lands in several different place or in Ilshenar at the 2 randomize Altar! There's NO Altar for the Minotaur Spawn!

Spok Message: I never did the Minotaur Spawn, I'll have to try it and collect more informations!

Minotaur Spawn - Location

The Minotaur Spawn is located in Malas! The quickest path to go at Minotaur Spawn is by using the Public Moongate and choose Malas - Umbra. Then using the West Bridge and follow the Road, then North West, there's will be a Crystals, Double Click on it to be teleport on the Isle of the Divide, then walking West!

Minotaur Spawn - List of Monsters Spawned

Level/TierMonsters to Spawn
ChampionMeraktus the Minotaur

Minotaur Spawn - Recommendation

Choosing a Slayer:
- Bovine (Talisman) will work on: Minotaur, Minotaur Captain, Minotaur Scout (3/?)

Bovine Slayer (Talisman) is the overall best Slayer to choose for Weapon Damage!

Choosing an Elemental Damage:
Level 1: ? Damage (?)
Level 2: ? Damage (?)
Level 3: ? Damage (?)
Level 4: ? Damage (?)
Champion: Poison Damage (Meraktus lowest Resistance is Poison between 40 - 60)

Poison Damage is the overall best Elemental Damage to choose for Spell & Weapon Damage!

Minotaur Spawn - Title Rewards

First Tier: ?
Second Tier: ?
Third Tier: ?