Halloween Town 2019

Currently close!!! - It's a Special Event Town made by the GM's of UODemise for the season of Halloween!

For the year 2019, it was open during the 18 October 2019 to 3 November 2019.

All Loots Items that is written it's either received by me Spok, Will or Pumpkin as well as shared by other Players and my Guildmates! Some Boss do not have a lot Items because we didn't get any item or no one share with me what they get!

Feel free to contact me by Email at: " admin@spokland.com " or on Discord at: " Spok#7526 " for any Informations, Screenshots, Loots, Items, Tips, Secrets you know! Let's make every UODemise Players informed about the Halloween Town!

Happy HTown!

Halloween Town Map 2019

Main Area

#1 = Moongate
#2 = NPC Town
#3 = Church
#4 = Orc Camp
#5 = Rock Pyramid
#6 = Bathroom
#7 = Lake
#8 = Crypt
#9 = Elf Tree House
#10 = Solen Hole
#11 = Abandoned Farm
#12 = Dreamy Sleepy
#13 = Elm Street
B1 = A Pumpkin Lord
B2 = A Costumed Orc Champion (Orc Camp)
B3 = Peinsluth (Rock Pyramid)
GL = Yellow (North East Corner)
GL = Red (Rock Pyramid)


Exit = Exit to Main Area
#1 = Entry to Basement of Desert
#2 = NPC Healer & Vet

Basement of Desert

#1 = Exit to Desert
#2 = Entry to Special Champion Spawn
#3 = Coffin
#4 = Gravestone (In Memory Of You)
B4 = Araneam
GL = Blue

Special Champion Spawn

#1 = Exit to Basement of Desert


Exit = Exit to Main Area
#1 = #1
#2 = #2
#3 = #3
#4 = #4
#5 = #5
#6 = #6
#7 = #7
#8 = #8
#9 = #9
#10 = #10
Hole Path = #3 + #4
Lever Path = #3 + #4 + #5
Stone Path = From Lever Path + #6
B5 = A Noxious Gas Cloud
B6 = A Steaming Heap


Exit = Exit to Main Area

Under Water Palace

Exit = Exit to Main Area
Board = Only Death can cross the Board
Wheel = Require Net of Britomartis to use the Wheel
#1 = #1
B7 = Britomartis (Ghost Ship)
GL = White

Basement of Crypt

Exit = Exit to Main Area
#1 = Entry to Asylum #1
#2 = Entry to Asylum #2
#3 = Entry to Asylum #3
#4 = Entry to Asylum #4


#1 = Entry to Basement of Crypt #1
#2 = Entry to Basement of Crypt #2
#3 = Entry to Basement of Crypt #3
#4 = Entry to Basement of Crypt #4
B8 = The Guardian of the Asylum
B9 = Jack the Ripper
B10 = Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde
B11 = The Gravedigger
B12 = Headless Horseman
GL = Green

Clawser's Lair

Exit = Exit to Main Area
B13 & B14 = Clawser & Clawser Jr

Felucca Gauntlet

Exit = Exit to Main Area
#1 = #1
MB1 = Suspicion
MB2 = Panic
MB3 = Paranoia
MB4 = Despair
MB5 = Revulsion
MB6 = Terror
B15 = Wraith High Priest

Dreamy Sleepy

#1 = A Diseased Elm Tree

Elm Street

Exit = Exit to Main Area
B16 = Freddy Krueger
B# = Boss
MB# = Mini-Boss
GL = Ghost in a Limbo

Halloween Town Boss 2019

Each Boss give different Items when killing them! Those Items are mostly Special House Decoration (rare), ML Arty, LToT, Special Hair or Bread Dye, Free Hair Coupon, A Flower Tapestry Deed Facing South, 15k Check, PS 110 or 115 and Golds Rain (like Champion Spawn Boss).

Halloween Town Area 2019

Each Area give different Items when killing monsters!
- Main Area
- Moongate
- NPC Town
- Church
- Desert
- Basement of Desert
- Special Champion Spawn
- Rock Pyramid
- Orc Camp
- Bathroom
- Sewer
- Lake
- Under Water Palace
- Crypt
- Basement of Crypt
- Asylum
- Elf Tree House
- Clawser's Lair
- Solen Hole
- Solen
- Abandoned Farm
- Felucca Gauntlet
- Dreamy Sleepy
- Elm Street

Halloween Town NPC Quests 2019

There's 3 NPC Quests available in the Halloween Town!

A Section Of An Obsidian Statue

By reading the book on table at witch Helga.

The town is engulfed in strange magic that is not of my doing. It may be the cause of the sudden uncovering of the volcanic substance of obsidian in the soil. While this material is harmless in small amounts, the assembly of multiple small pieces appears to enhance its magic potential. The result are most prominent under direct moonlight.

By collecting 10x A Section Of An Obsidian Statue, you can combine them to obtain a Cat Statuette BUT if you go inside the Halloween Town and combine your pieces when a Full Moon, there's chance to obtain a Black Cat Statuette! Using a Spyglass can tell us the Moon Phases, the Halloween Town is in Trammel!

Trick or Treat

Say "trick or treat" and target any town vendor, they will give you a treat, or a trick!

How it work:
- When active, all Players can go see any Yellow NPC (except Quest Giver) around the world and say "trick or treat" and target the NPC.
- You can receive a random Candy, a random *Decoration or the NPC can decide to play a TRICK on you!
- Summons an Naughty Twin and: Your naughty twin teleports you away with a naughty laugh! (Any Public Gate)
- Summons an Naughty Twin and: Your naughty twin steals some of your candy.
- Color all items on your Character into ? different color. (Temporarily)
- Bleed Bloods for several seconds. (No HP Lost, Cannot Die!)

NOTE: *Having 100 in the Skill Begging can give you a chance to receive uncommon items!

Trick or Treat Items 2019
Cherry Lollipop
Lime Lollipop
Orange Lollipop
Wrapped Candy
Nougat Swirl
Caramel Apple (Brown)
100 Begging Trick or Treat Special Items 2019
Giant Pumpkin
Grim Warning
Crystal Skull
Jade Skull
Obsidian Skull
Mr. Plain's Cookies
Pumpkin Pizza
Creepy Cake
Skulls on Pike
Small Web (Black)
Small Web (Orange)
Ruined Tapestry
Murky Milk

Corpses of Fallen Players

When active, any Character Player who die will spawn a Zombie Skeleton in either Trammel or Felucca Graveyards! Those Zombie Skeleton can drop as reward a Corpse Container (with the name of the fallen player, can have Lord/Lady titles) and can have 3 special color! Only 1 Zombie Skeleton par Character Player Name can be spawned at a time!

Trammel and Felucca Graveyards:
- Britain
- Cove
- City of the Dead (T2A)
- Fire Dungeon
- Jhelom
- Moonglow
- Vesper
- Yew

Halloween Town:
- Main Area (North East Corner)

How it work:
- Any Character Player who die will re-animate as Zombie Skeleton in any Graveyards.
- Search in any Graveyards.
- Kill those Zombie Skeleton.
- Check in the dead Corpse of Zombie Skeleton for a Corpse Container.

Corpses of Fallen Players 2017
Graphic →
Color ↓
0xECA 0xECB 0xECC 0xECD 0xECE 0xECF 0xED0 0xED1 0xED2
White = 0
Blue = 2569
Pink = 2631
Red = 2707